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short track

  1. CrazTheKing

    KC - Backwoods Drift Track 1.1

    Fictional Drift Track 40 Pits (Overdone) 23 Pits on orange/white pit line, allowing races with up to 23 racers, The remaining pits are in the parking lot. Join our drift server: Discord.gg/dzU4kfZq5e
  2. lordgabb

    Larussa 2020-09-23

    Laruusa is my first track after some practice. It's a short track with some fun curves. I hope you enjoy it.
  3. D

    Nelson Ledges (WIP) 0.2

    Nelson Ledges Road Course located in Garrettsville, Ohio. Currently a rough draft phase. The course is based off of old satellite data, and needs to be updated. This is probably going to take a while, just given I'm currently in school. Right now: General layout of the course, with some...