shell oils

  1. madmax_2a

    The 4r6-MG Metro 6R4- N°15 Lombard RAC Rally 1986 - Jimmy McRae- Ian Grindrod 2022-03-14

    Hi all, :) When you look and download skins for any game, you have no idea how much time the person who did the livery spent with their photo editing software, so you have the right to not download the skins you looked at, but also think about the livery designer. :cautious: A like only takes...
  2. carmar

    Ford Carpi RS, Dave Cook Racing, Shell Oils, No. 1, 2k+3k+4k v1.0

    You need the car-mod from Pessio Garage for this skin.
  3. MelesMeles

    1982 M.C.D. Shell Oils Ford Escort 2018-12-20

    After a lot of work, I am releasing my skins of the 1982 M.C.D. Shell Oils Ford Escort, affectionately known as The Black Beauty. This includes the Circuit of Ireland version, driven by Ari Vatanen with Neil Wilson, and the Manx version, driven by Ari Vatanen with Terry Harryman. I would...