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Car accident 2019-03-19

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Hi this is a save where your gonna be in a different situation.

Story for this save:

A week ago...your father called you.

You pick up the phone

And he tells you this

He was going home from teimos shop and an accident happened to him.

Some dude in small red car somehow drove into him and he crashed with your father.

Nothing really happened to him but your mother was with him and she broke her right arm.

Too bad for her ;(

She is now okay

6 days ago...you came to visit your mom and dad

Your dad tell you that he has called fleetari to order parts for satsuma.

So he went to repair valves on the engine and try to repair the water leaking.

until the parts came.

5 days ago...you came to help your dad put on a new right door and the right fender onto the satsuma.

4 days ago...you go like everyday to your job, delivering boxes .

On the main road in teimos delivery van, your dad calls you.

He wants to know if you can help him make some speaker slots for the satsuma.

You said yes but after your job. He said ok thanks for help then he

Tells you that maybe the rest of the parts for the satsuma will cone but a little later.

3 days ago...you go to your delivery job then you come back home.

And start making the speaker slots for the satsuma.

You said :Okay this is going to take the rest of the day.

2 days ago...you go to you delivery job (again) and your mom calls you

she says: (hey sweet heart I was thinking with your dad that we go

travel to spain if you want, but you said that you don’t want to go anywhere

because you don’t like traveling that mutch and you want to give some space for your parents .

She understands that and she says that she and dad are going to travel without you then.

You came to your home (because you don’t live in your parents house but in pigmans house. :p)

And you go to check you rusko if everything is all right and go

finish the speaker slots

You said: (ok its finally done now i need to paint it)

1 day ago...you go to do your delivery job (oh god again?)

So your dad calls you that he is going with your mother travelling to spain..bla...bla...bla..and the parts for the satsuma are going to come tomorrow so he wants you to repair the satsuma while they are not gonna be home and hes gonna give you money so you said yes.

and hes gonna plug out the telephone while they are gonna be out.

If you want you can plug the telephone back in and do dads job...suck poop canals (nothing else you perv.) he left cases of beers in the storeroom and hes gonna leave a gift for you next to your parents bed but don’t tell to your mom about that.

Today...you wake up in your house and look over at your speaker holder and you say: (really, i forgot to paint the holder) and your mobile phone broke, maybe your it fall of and broke I don’t know too bad for you :/

Your have-Motorcycle,rusko,your house,some food,gas canister and reserve tire

Recommend:install that mods inside Thad folder
For better experience: install van texture

installation video:

My youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfcs8hCw1aXPIgLtUT9iLYQ?

enjoy it
Bye bye now.

Latest reviews

realy good story but you forget to remove the wasps in the rusko
Tom Productions
Tom Productions
oh you right sorry about that i forgot
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Tom Productions
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