1. ThySharkRider

    Combination of F1 Team Rename Mods 1.0

    Theoretically should work for any language on the scoreboard but the subtitle and email changes are tied to english localization. Let me know if it doesn't work in your language and will see about fixing. Will not work with the W Talents Mod Includes a zip file with the following rename paks...
  2. ThySharkRider

    Sauber F1 Team Rename Mod 1.16 1.2

    Will not work in conjunction with any of my other Renames. Working on a fix now. If you want a specific combo rename, such as Sauber + Hugo Boss please let me know and will do ASAP. Simply renames Alfa Romeo to Sauber. Changes the english subtitles aswell as the emails. Doesn't change the...
  3. Kasap_F1

    Sauber C24 1.0

    Hello everyone, I decided to give community other mods that I've been working on in the past so this is one of them Sauber Petronas C24 This car was part of my collaboration with my brother @KrizalidBR working together on 2005 mods This car was Sauber's F1 car for 2005 season driven by...
  4. Elodeon


    Concept of the Sauber C44 after the depart of Alfa Romeo.
  5. TheMrLouis

    Sauber Uralkali 1.0

    this is a Sauber F1 Team mod based on 2022 Alfa Romeo C42 with Uralkali as a main sponsorship. I did that because in my career mod Mazepin sign to Sauber
  6. GLXFX

    Sauber F1 Team Mod 1.0

    This mod changes Alfa Romeo into Sauberfor the 2024 season This mod changes: -Car Livery -Race suits -Team logos, HQ branding, Pit Board -All Staff wear (Engineer, Mechanics, Pitcrew) -Driver and Staff Icons THIS MOD DOES NOT CHANGE THE TEAM'S NAME, the team will still be called ALFA ROMEO...
  7. ManifoldWasHere

    2012 Sauber C31 (Alfa Romeo Replace) 2.0

    this mod replaces alfa romeo with the sauber c31 from 2012
  8. F1_Pr0X

    Swiss Sauber F1 Team (Driver Package) v1.0

    Swiss Sauber F1 Team:
  9. RAYNERPS3235

    Black Sauber F1 Team 2.0

    Black Sauber F1 Team The zipped files contains the following: -CopyPaste Files: This are the files required to make the livery work on the game, to install it just copy those files and paste them on your F1 23 game folder -DDS Files: This are the textures I edited for the livery -Preview...
  10. moody1500

    CRF Red Lion 05 - Sauber C24 - F1 2005 1.0

  11. MildtDesign

    Audi Sport Sauber F1 Team ABT Schaeffler - TeamTakeover Package v1.0

    Audi Sport Sauber F1 Team ABT Schaeffler With Audi taking over Alfa Romeo's seat at the Sauber table, we will finally see Audi in the pinnacle of motorsport. Backed by both ABT and Schaeffler, there is a new German powerhouse on the grid. Can you beat Mercedes and become the best German team...
  12. piastroat

    2026 Audi Sport F1 Team (Alfa Chassis) 0.1

    Audi Sport Formula One Team After a deal with Sauber Engineering, Audi replaces Alfa Romeo on the grid as a works team with Bosch and DHL as main sponsors for the upcoming season. Updates Upcoming Plans are driver suits including gloves, cap etc and a full team package.
  13. DeividSim02

    Alfa Romeo Haas VF-24 Concept for RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 1.0

    What will be the Alfa Romeo Haas 2024 livery??? I got my own answer, enjoy it. On Track:
  14. mini0810shin

    Sauber C31 2012 season full skins 1.0

    This mod contains 11 skins. I recommend installing using JSGME. comparison video Improved the problem that the shadow of the steering button is reversed under the DirectX environment. The steering skin has also been modified to be more realistic.
  15. What If... F3 raced at Monaco in 2019? | #assettocorsa

    What If... F3 raced at Monaco in 2019? | #assettocorsa

    What if F3 raced at Monaco 4 years earlier? Here's a onboard lap with Sauber/Charouz Racing South-african driver Raoul Hyman during a hypothetichal qualifyin...
  16. ManifoldWasHere

    Lightning McQueen Rusteze Racing Sauber F1 Team 1

    In a shocking turn of events, Rusteze Racing has announced their departure from The Piston Cup and their acquisition of the Sauber Formula One team. The move has sent shockwaves through the racing community, as Rusteze has been a dominant force in The Piston Cup for decades. The Mod Includes...
  17. MildtDesign

    2026 Audi Sport Sauber F1 Team Schaeffler - Full Team Package 1.0

    Audi Sport Sauber F1 Team Schaeffler This package brings Audi to the grid of Formula 1. With the backing of Sauber Engineering and title sponsor Schaeffler, the VW Group Audi works team is ready to take on the pinnacle of motorsport! This package replaces Alfa Romeo! This mod requires the...
  18. SERG_

    ART Grand Prix 2023 | Formula RSS 2 V6 AUSTRALIA

    Car #5 | Théo POURCHAIRE Car #6 | Victor MARTINS Credits Victor Martins gloves adapted from Alpinestars Tech-1 ZX V3 by @Hoksu Circuits Used In Screenshots bahrain_2020 (Pyyer Extension) jeddah_2021_chq (Pyyer Extension) F2 2023 Collection
  19. Nick Heidfeld Onboard | 2006 British Grand Prix | #assettocorsa

    Nick Heidfeld Onboard | 2006 British Grand Prix | #assettocorsa

    Go onboard with Nick Heidfeld's BMW Sauber F1.06 around Silverstone Circuit, home of the 2006 British Grand Prix during qualifying sessions.If you enjoyed th...
  20. pizzagalli


    Finding little or no groupc 3500, it is with great pleasure that I submit the Sauber C291 to you. This is a transfer from F1 99-02 challenge based on Vitua_lm There will be other models if you like. I prepare the c292