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  1. Korgy

    Das uber Righto van 1

    As a PR stunt, the Righto rally team decided to enter one of their service vans into the mannebach rally in 1986. To the surprise of other teams, it landed a 4th place overall with it's secret ingredient; the drivetrain from a Das hammer . Now you too can be a turbo nutter and shock the...
  2. V

    The Cozzie SR71 Righto v1

    Righto livery for Cozzie SR71.
  3. V

    The Rotary S7 Righto Racing Team v1

    Righto cigarettes have their own rally club in this alternate universe.
  4. V

    The Rotary 3 Righto Racing Team v1

    Introducing fictional Righto "lights". I created a new logo for the team using similiar font as in the sponsor. I will propably change it if I get better ideas.
  5. V

    The Rotary B7 Righto Racing Team v3

    Nothing too original but I hope you like it.