1. StuyoDGr8

    DIY Sim / Productivity Rig with Tactile - Build Log

    Hi All! I am starting this log as a story of my journey in upgrading my outdated desk to proper sim rig. In the process I stumbled across a lot of issues and questions, for which I could not find detailed information and pictures (as far as I saw it is quite common for the subject). This I...
  2. uffeboi

    Middle Sweden Track''MittSverigeBananBeta'' RGB 0.65

    Sooo... it's about time i release a new version of my track , Middle Sweden track ''MittSverigeBananBeta'' some new textures, drifting zones, Wetmod/rain for those who got the paid CSP aaaaand the fun part. RGB on the night, so i recommend that you try that out, the paid CSP is not needed for...
  3. Morgan Gardner

    SimHub AutoDim Plugin 1.0

    SimHub AutoDim Plugin This plugin enables SimHub to automatically set the RGB leds brightness depending on the current time. The dim and un-dim times can be set (24 hour), as well as the percentage values, in the plugin's settings page (see image above). The plugin has three properties...