1. P

    g29 cracking sound when i turn on force feedback?

    I was thinking is it possible to fix this problem? I heard a crack when I had the steering wheel 90 degree to the right while loading to a server on assetto corsa then when i loaded in the ffb went to 100 as default and it cracked.
  2. A

    Logitech G29

    Hello, I just got into racing simulators, and I bought a USED G29, the wheel is in good shape, but sometimes when i turn right the wheel is cracking ans making some noise (only when force feedback pass a certain amount). Do you know what the problem might be? and if I can repair it? Thanks...
  3. FJBH10

    Logitech Wheel Motor Upgrades?

    Hello all, I've had a Logitech G920 for a few years now and I reckon the ffb motor is on it's way out as it is barely as strong as I remember, let me know if this is completely impossible but say if I were to buy a new motor with the same specs as the one in the G920 or even one with a higher...