1. AndreasFSC

    RACE Remaster 0.9

    RACE REMASTER for Race 07 (Steam version) ------------------------- Latest updates: -------------- * Updated trees and sky shaders (+ a few more minor fixes). Hopefully looks a little bit better. Brighter sky textures colors (central). * Repositioned sun at a few tracks where they...
  2. el_mattpro

    Tokyo Xtreme Racer - Skinpack v0.1

    Warning: To use this skins you need Supra mk4 Time-Attack from Kunos (original AC) + Shuto Project Nissan r32 and S14 Hello everyone, some of you know me as the "inmersive filter" guy, since yesterday i'm working on skins, is the first time i enter in this "Photoshop-Skin world" so i hope you...