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RACE REMASTER for Race 07 (Steam version)



Latest updates:
* Updated trees and sky shaders (+ a few more minor fixes). Hopefully looks a little bit better. Brighter sky textures colors (central).

* Repositioned sun at a few tracks where they accidentally were not updated before.

* Fixed a few minor track related things.

* Pau track materias were remade/updated.

* Resculpted Alfa Romeo 156 front.

* Adjusted ackerman steering for all cars (suspension files). Should steer a tiny bit better.

* Included part of 'Dynamic shadows in cockpit by alexv07'.


* The car in car selection menu doesn't rotate now, but it is positioned in about 45 deg angle (if the included d3d9.dll is used).
The car can still be rotated using cursor. If you want the car to rotate you can search for 'RotateMultiplier=0.0' in
'RaceWeekend.mnu' and 'wtcc_ui.mnu' and delete it, or replace with some other value (0.45 works well).

* Added a few more country flags in 'remaster style' and Rover car logos.

* Removed 'Max' detail setting for pitcrew as it didn't work in game.

* Max possible visible vehicles setting is increased from 25 to 40.


* New installer that installs Race Remaster IN 'race 07' folder instead of as a separate install.
The reason for this is that there are sometimes problems getting the game to run from different folders.
Game can be run in two different 'modes', as Race 07 or as Race Remaster, using different shortcuts:
'Run Race Remaster'
'Run Race 07'.
No additional Userdata folder is needed anymore, both versions uses the same save files.

* IF the game crashes at startup efter install, try temporarily remove your game profile before starting the game.

* Fixed minor menu errors.
* Proxy-dll d3d9 that fixes alt-tab crashes. (based on HitHub directX wrapper project by Elisha Riedlinger)
* Updated installer to include userdata installer (when creating a new install)
* Included 'patching' options in installer.
* Other minor fixes.

What is this:
I have had an idea and a dream for a long time to make a "Race 07 remaster".
It should use things that I have learned in all these years to improve the game experience and adapt the game to a little bit more modern hardware.
And some friends wanted to join the project :)

Post processing injectors are not supported or recommended at this point, but they can be used obviously.
Dynamic Super Resolution (2x) and anisotropic filtering (x16) (in Nvidia control panel or similar) are highly recommended
Transparency (multiple) is avoided as much as possible to avoid a drawing order issues,
a high game resolution can compensate for lack of semi transparent edges for things like trees.


There are different ways to install the Race Remaster:

1. Make a new Race Remaster install from the installer (RECOMMENDED).
PLEASE NOTE: If you have made a new Race 07 install you need to run config.exe at least once before installing and running Race Remaster.
1. Inzip 'Remaster_FILES' and 'Remaster_SETUP.CMD' to the same folder as your 'race 07' folder,
usually something like '...\Steam\steamapps\common'
2. Run 'Remaster_SETUP.CMD' and follow the instructions for 'INSTALL RACE REMASTER'
3. Now use the shortcuts 'Run Race 07' or 'Run Race Remaster' to setup and run
the game in chosen 'game mode' (Race 07 or Race Remaster mode).
Do not open any sub folders or files in your race 07 folder when changing 'game mode'.
(Deactivated Race 07 folder names ends with '_O'
Deactivated Race Remaster folder names ends with '_R')
If 'companian2.exe' is present in race 07 folder it will be started together with the game.
Steam needs to be running.

2. Manual installation (you will not be able to switch versions).
1. Paste the contents from 'Remaster_FILES' (but not that actual folder) EXCEPT SIMBIN FOLDER into your 'race 07' folder and overwrite the files.
2. Run 'Config.exe' and choose your settings.
After installing, start your 'Steam' program, and then run 'RaceR_Steam.exe' from the folder of your installed game, not from Steam unless you have added a shortcut.

Then you can delete the folder 'Remaster_FILES' if it is saved in your '...\Steam\steamapps\common' folder.
It is recommended to create a new player profile in the game to enable some of the 'new' features in the player file.


* Shaders
This is the core and reason for the start of the project.
The standard shaders can be good in game, but they are quite inconsistent in the way they work.
Many of the materials requires their own special setting, and they don't react that much to the lights settings of the track.
The modified shaders should be as consistent as possible (but there are limits to what can be done) and react to light as realistic as possible.
There are also some new specific shaders made for specific materials materials.

* WTCC 2006 and 2007 cars
Updated car graphics, physics and driver talents.
Higher calculations, reduced ai cheating, updated 3d mesh normals and drawing distances.
Also improvements to window transparency issues.
"Realistic windscreen effects" from @TMSRace are also included.
Edited .aud files for more consistent engine sounds.

* WTCC 2006 and 2007 tracks
Updated/swapped materials for new shaders. Updated normals.
Added a slightly tweaked version of HD skies mod from @GTR233 (GTR2 HQ Anniversary PATCH, original maps by Hudson Kerr).
Added 'Blinded by sun' simple sun mod.
Added simple race groove mod.
Other included tracks in the game that are not part of 2006/2007 seasons are in separate track packs, not included in Race Remaster.
(Imola, Estoril, Hockenheim, Vara)
(STCC 2008/2010, GTR Evo etc).

* UI and menus
New reworked menus mainly based on game original,
concept art by @Sven Hielscher
The result is not as true to the concept as intended, mostly because of lack of time.
It might be more like the concept in the future.
Slight modifications to ingame UI.

* Pit crews
There were no mandatory pitstops in WTCC 2006/2007, but they are added to have more 'life' in the game.
The game now support pitcrews by itself.
There will be problems with some car mods (caused by pit crew animation object loading problem if long loading paths in .cas files),
so pitcrews can be turned off in the graphics settings.
The highest setting is not supported.
Only a few crews can be seen simultaneously.
Fuel mechanic is disabled, as refueling is not often part of touring car racing.
Some edits to the animation script: camera position stays in cockpit, wheel technicians are more 'ready' than in original script.
Custom standard pitcrew suits.

* Misc
CC plugin/companian by (@mucho) menu support added.
Some player file optimizations should now be included in the game if a new profile is created.
* Race start time - needs COMPANIAN2 plugin to work
* Full course yellows - need to be activated in COMPANIAN2 plugin. EXPERIMENTAL: ai cars line up, safety car prepares to enter track, but never does.
* On track videos enabled
* Minor ai settings updates

Race Remaster Team: (in alphabetical order):
Incredible Hulk
Sven Hielscher

Latest reviews

The work you're doing with this game is absolutely wonderful, your mods are must haves for all touring car fans
question i have a error steam_api.dll steam.dll mss32.dll and this as well binkw32.dll
This mod is for Steam version, so Steam has to be open in the background.
Fantastic mod to update the cars and tracks to a more modern standard. Highly recommended!
The brighter, modernized menu and shader improvements gave this old gem a nice uplift and motivated me to play it again.
I highly recommend it.
Hey i've only given it a low rating simply because it won't begin to load up after the initial video config. I've used all 3 of the installs types as mentioned.
However I'm on windows 11 using a so I don't if that is causing the problem. Help would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks for even creating the mod. I understand creating mods ain't easy and when the problem is sorted i'll give you a 5 star rating.
Thank You
Can't wait for more! Great work!
Sensational; just have to fix the pit menu presets as it is not possible to create
Bram Hengeveld
Keeping the game alive! Awesome, thanks.

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