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  1. Whirey

    Tracks Pitstop man showing inverted textures on custom map

    Hello, fairly new to modding and creating custom Assetto Corsa maps. Ive come a cross a pretty annoying problem that I couldn't fix. Ive trierd so many things and it just hasn't worked. Everything is scaled properly and everything is rotated properly but for some reason the Main pit stop guy...
  2. cptlockheed

    24 pits for stationary cars in the Driver: The Interview track 1.0

    NOTE: This may require CSP patch 0.1.74 or newer to work! If you have an older version and the game crashes on loading, update to latest CSP patch (or to uninstall this mod, remove the track's "circuit" tag in content manager and delete the models.ini file in the track folder). This mod adds...
  3. T

    Paul Ricard 2020 Pit-Addon 0.9.1

    Original Track: Paul Ricard required To install this addon, you just need to drag&drop the folder "paul_ricard" out of the zip into the assettocorsa/content/tracks folder. What do I have changed? Pit-Entrance on the second last corner Walls to seperate Pit-entry from Start/Finish Straight...
  4. Matyeah

    Le Mans 2017 112 pits 1

    This mod doubles the amount of pits/grid spots for Le Mans 2017 track by Tiago Lima/jim lloyd/Terra21: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/circuit-24h-lemans-2017.2482/ How to install? Extract the archive to your assettocorsa folder. No original files will be replaced. You should now have...
  5. I

    PC2 Stuck on Grid / Stuck in Pits Transmission not Working.

    Hi All, Running PC2 via Steam on PC. When I start the SIM no matter what form of racing I choose, after the game loads I cannot move the car at all. The gear shifts work, the engine will rev but the car will not move in any direction, pit limiter on or off same result. The issue happens...
  6. Matyeah

    Spa endurance 2

    This little mod adds a new layout for Kunos' Spa circuit. Start/finish line and the grid are moved to the gantry after La Source, and the pitlane is extended up to Eau Rouge to accomodate 120 cars. To use the pitlane fairly against AI, you should first go through F1 pits and then proceed to the...
  7. Billy Pilgrim

    Pit stop question

    Hi When playing AC, I usually have 20-minute races against AI. I set the ai strength so that I can just about/almost win if I drive at my very best - this depends on no one pitting at all in the race (or, it could be, everyone including me having to pit once during the race). On one or two mod...
  8. B

    Cannot exit the pit garage