1. jburon72

    F1 2019 Classic Cars 3D model 1.0.1

    Here now are the 3d models for the classic cars for f1 2019. This will only include the 4 classic cars that is not included from f1 2017 and f1 2018. This is not a mod but a tool in creating texture for the 2019 classic cars. ------- Whats inside ------ - F1 2019 classic cars 3d models for...
  2. soLo99

    Editing F1 2019 Driver numbers

    Hello there! First ever forum post so sorry if I am breaking any rules. For my career mode I would like to edit the DDS of the driver numbers on the cars as I dislike the colouration of some of them. However, I have not been able to discover how to do such a thing thus far. I have the nvidia...
  3. jburon72

    F1 2019 Drivers Helmet 3D Models for Photoshop 1.0.1

    MOD DETAIL [1.0.1] - 3D model of 2019 Driver’s Helmet [List of helmets available] Leclerc Vettel Stroll Perez Magnussen Grosjean Norris Sainz Hamilton Bottas Verstappen Gasly Ricciardo Hulkenberg Raikkonen Giovinazzi Kyvat Albon Russell Kubica - will have the helmet, helmet wing and the visor...
  4. jburon72

    F1 2019 Cars 3D model for Photoshop 1.0.4

    Hello JB here. All 2019 F1 cars are now updated to patch 1.18. Visit my blogsite on how to use it with photoshop. DETAILS: ver 1.0.1 - 10 3D models of the 2019 cars for making skins in photoshop - Only have the paint texture [decal texture with UV map will be added in future updates]...
  5. carTOON

    Wakefield Park Raceway 1.00

    Wakefield Park Raceway GTL v1.00 created by barcika Wakefield Park Raceway is a 2.2 km (1.4 mi) motor racing circuit located near Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia. It is named after Charles Cheers Wakefield, the founder of Castrol Oil. The founder of Wakefield Park, amateur racer and former...
  6. Joofcorner

    Red Bull Racing Season 2 Helmet 1.2

    Second helmet for Red Bull, really tried to perfect it this time. There are two versions, one with a red visor and one with a dark visor. As with the last helmet, there are templates for Photoshop to have your name and number on the helmet, but if you don't have Photoshop (or don't want your...
  7. jose46

    Formula Ultimate 3D Templates Photoshop. 1.02

    Hello everybody. I post here a help for anyone who wants to make skins for Formula Ultimate, maybe for 2019?? It contains the car, the driver plus the gloves and the helmet. A very easy way to make skins in Photoshop, in 3D. I post a small sample video. I hope it will help you. Thanks. Cheers.
  8. Russell Sobie

    Skinning Assetto Corsa Cars from Nothing using Mudbox and Photoshop

    This Tutorial was originally posted over on the forums where I do all of my skinning. I was constructing it AS I was learning the process, so obviously some of this is going to be "not the best way" to do certain things. I was going to make a post just linking the original...
  9. K

    Help with Skinning!

    Hello guys! For the first time I want paint a Huracan GT3 but the template don't have a "paint here" layer for the base color like the other cars have. So when I try to change the base color from white to any other color, the brush paints everything turning the template into a solid coloured...
  10. MrSzyma

    Dash Studio questions

    Hello! I just found out about dash studio today. Wanted to use a real cluster originally, but I don't have the time to do it right now, so I decided to give this a shot. I wanted to make an e39 cluster, since I have an e39 interior for my sim. I have done this today: I will be making the...
  11. hal4000

    Vector logos 1.3

    I spent a couple of afternoons chasing down some vector logos and I thought they could be useful for some ppl. There are 236 of them in this folder. (V1.0) All renamed and numbered. The big advantage of vector images is that you can resize them to just about any size you want without loss of...
  12. P

    How to create DRS's dds files?

    Does anyone knows which options do I have to choose in photoshop's nvidia plugin (dds) to crate the two dds files for DRS skins? I'm trying to create a skin for the Formula Ultimate. The car skin is fine, I did others skins before, but I'm not being able to generate the DRS's dds files for the...
  13. RealAKP

    Skin PSD Template for BMW E36 320 JUDD by Eboo 2017-06-10

    Photoshop PSD Template with wireframe and AO for BMW E36 320 JUDD V8 Georg Plasa 1.0 by Eboo
  14. Legalestrauma

    Fantasy McLaren Helmet by L.T. Marcel 1.1

    update 1.1 No Esso, Mobil1 and Sensodyne Sponsors
  15. Paul Jeffrey

    Interesting New "Let's Make: Billboards" Video Released

    Upcoming YouTube personality freew67 has released an interesting video guide sharing his knowledge and tips on how to create Billboards for racing games in 3D Max. I noticed this video when it was retweeted by Studio 397's Chris Elliott and, for someone such as myself who is, err.. artistically...
  16. MadMat

    Lotus Lightweight Cup Template v1.0

    Lotus Lightweight Cup Template for Lotus 2 Eleven Made with Potoshop (CS6) for Photoshop. Include car paint, livery.png, crew, pit, driver suit/helmet/gloves If you use it and publish the skin, please credit me (MadMat) for the template. If you make great skins using other numbers I may add...
  17. Meff28s

    1990's cars - 3D Models .PSD & .3DS 1.1

    Finally we get them ! For Photshop (3D) and 3D max, Blender, Keyshot or other 3D softwares. Go paint them ;)
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