pfaff motorsport

  1. Martinez_4313

    2022 IMSA Pfaff Motorsport #9 2.0

    My patreon: My first skin of 2022, of course it needed to be something from 2022, here is my take on the porsche GT3R that is being used in the 2022 edition of IMSA, where it is racing under the new category GT Daytona Pro, the successor of the GTLM, it isl...
  2. Jason Dakins

    2021 Pfaff Motorsports #PlaidPorsche GT3 R Rev 1.2

    After working directly with the Pfaff Motorsports team, I'm pleased to bring you the #PlaidPorsche Motul Porsche 911 GT3 R that the Pfaff team uses in the IMSA GTD series!! 2021 Livery Update: Be sure to double check that the colours of your car are set to the following for the full effect:
  3. Jordan Dion

    Porsche GT3-R PFAFF Motorsport 2019 IMSA 1.0

    Porsche GT3-R PFAFF Motorsport 2019 IMSA Hello guys! So this is my first mods / skin! Hope someone love it ! :cool: Let me know if you guys have suggestions! I did my best to find the sponsors.. I put so many hours in this thing!