peter brock

  1. Langheck_917

    BRE Datsun 510s (1972 Trans-Am 2.5 Sedan Championship) 1.0

    Attached are the trio of Datsun 510 racing cars campaigned by Pete Brock (BRE) for the 1972 Trans-Am Sedan Championship, which ran simultaneously alongside the big-bore American Muscle Cars. These are for use with the Touring Car Legends 510 (tc_legends_datsun_510). Included is the...
  2. BennoC

    Brock Goodwood Tribute Skin for Uncle M's FX Race Ute 1.0

    Ute skin in line with how Brock's Goodwoop prepped Holden FX sedan appeared in 2011 when it was sold for $320K Not for the AVRP pack version, but the November 2018 updated version found here
  3. RallyGamer

    Datsun 240z - BRE Racing Datsun Baja Z 1.0

    The livery is based on the Datsun Baja Z that ran in the Baja 500 in 1973 by Peter Brock. Car: Datsun 240z Livery: BRE Racing Datsun Baja Z Driver: Peter Brock (AU) CoDriver: Lee Midgley (GB) Rally: Baja 500 (1973) Vehicle Class: RWD H3