1. haasje33

    FIA WEC & Le Mans Number Plates 1.0

    This is my Photoshop template for number plates for the FIA World Endurance Championship and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. These number plates are optimized for use with the skin templates for Studio 397's LMP2 and GTE cars. Required font: Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold
  2. Isaac Chavira


    Hey SIM Racers, So, I discovered the beautiful Guerila Mods page and their awesome cars I have been wanting for two years. I made number panels base on the SRO 2020 GT4 EU Graphical Charter. The .ai vector is included as well. I did not make the CERTINA logo. THEIR PAGE...
  3. Isaac Chavira

    [NUMBER PANELS] 2020 REBELLION - AWS Fantasy World GT Challenge 2020-05-02

    Hey guys to fill the void of 2020 I created some fantasy 2020 Number Panels for the World GT Challenge. I hope you enjoy using them. I have included the .ai vector file.
  4. Isaac Chavira

    [NUMBER PANELS] 2020 REBELLION / AWS Fantasy Number Panels 1.0

    Hey guys to fill the void of 2020 I created some fantasy 2020 Number Panels for the World GT Challenge. I hope you enjoy using them. I have included the .ai vector file.
  5. Isaac Chavira

    [WIP] LIQUIMOLY 12 Hours of Bathurst 2020 Decal Pack

    Coming soon is the entire decal pack for the 12 Hours of Bathurst. All classes will be represented. All decals are created 'Life Sized' and in proportion to one and other. All you'll have to do is drop the whole .PNG for the class you are building and resize the entire thing until one of the...
  6. soLo99

    Editing F1 2019 Driver numbers

    Hello there! First ever forum post so sorry if I am breaking any rules. For my career mode I would like to edit the DDS of the driver numbers on the cars as I dislike the colouration of some of them. However, I have not been able to discover how to do such a thing thus far. I have the nvidia...
  7. Isaac Chavira

    [IMSA] 2019 Number Panels 2.0

    Made in accordance with the IMSA Sporting Regulation and Branding Guides for 2019. All Pantone and CMYK colors are correct per the aforementioned. Enjoy my fellow skinners.
  8. Isaac Chavira

    2019 Blancpain Number Panels - WC AMERICA / EUROPE 3

    VERSION 2.0 UPDATE - 4/03/2019 Added 'Silver' race class and WC Europe plates. All plates are actual size of 15in x 16in All Race Class decals are actual size 6in x 4in Since we over on the ACC side of the house already have a dedicated Blancpain series sim, I see no point in uploading to...
  9. Isaac Chavira

    2018 WEC & ELMS Number Panels and Class Decals 1.0

    All decals are made to spec and correct Pantone color as specified on the official page. All category decals are proportioned to scale against the number plates. Correct font and color used as well. All work including the 24 LM and WEC logo was hand vectored by me. If you have Illustrator and...
  10. ProdigyPL

    Custom number for Career Mode

    Does someone know how to edit career mode number like 74 used by Daijiro Kato?
  11. Isaac Chavira

    2018 BLANCPAIN NUMBER PANEL with Adobe Vector file 1.5

    This is a new Blancpain number panel variation as seen so far this year. All sponsor logos have been vectored by hand. As a 4th of July present I am giving you all my native .AI file as well. Full files in downloadable .zip. LAYERED PSD DOWNLOAD...
  12. MartyTheGamer

    License Plates Customization v.1.0.1

    (Thanks to Radex for the video) Features: - Easily change the license plate textures - Different plate shapes (European, US, Finnish) - Many positions for the front license plate - Ability to have different textures and shapes between the front and rear plate - Settings are saved on game save...
  13. D

    [PLUGIN]MoveRegNumbers 1.0

    Do not like the standard position of the numbers? Just take it and change it! Hotkey By Default: " F9 " (You can change the key by modifying it in Mod loader) How to install: 1. Make sure you have MSC Mod Loader 2. Copy(with replacing if need) NumberGui.dll to Mod Loader mods folder
  14. Daniel Paez


    TORO ROSSO STR12 4K B.HARTLEY AND D. KVYAT. TEXAS 2017 GP - Helmets, names and numbers Hardley is in the Sainz Place Not Database Enjoy
  15. Daniel Paez

    TORO ROSSO STR12 4K P.Gasly 1.6

    TORO ROSSO STR12 4K P.GASLY Name on Car, Number and Helmet (Great Work by Dimitar Vitanov) No database update. Enjoy!!
  16. Isaac Chavira


    Here are the number panels for the IMSA WeatherTech racing series. These were made from scratch using Adobe Illustrator CC 2017. . I hope you enjoy using them on your skins. I'll be releasing the 'CORE AUTOSPORT' 911 GT3-R soon
  17. Isaac Chavira


    Okay gentlemen here is your 2017 variant of the 24 hours of SpA Blancpain Endurance GT Series. I have included the naitive .AI file for Illustrator CC 2017. I have included a copy with numbers so you can make a transparent layer to use as a number placement guide. Both images are PNG at 2048px...
  18. Isaac Chavira

    [RESOURCE] Generic Race Department Number Plate v1.0

    So, I came up with a new logo for 'RD' as you can see by the red 'r' and blue 'd' sixtynine'd together, LOL. This plate is meant to cover any event for Assetto Corsa. PREVIEW
  19. Sportor

    Fantasy Number for career (3-63-66 With National Flag) 2.7

    I make number 66 with Russian, Italian and Spanish Flags. The numbers 3 and 63 have changed, now you should be able to choose the color in the game. Number 3 with Portuguese flag. Please contact me if there is a problem.
  20. Sportor

    Fantasy Number (90) for career 2017-06-18

    Fantasy Number for career.