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Do you ever race in VR?

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    Votes: 500 36.1%
  • No

    Votes: 885 63.9%

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  1. D

    NGP 6 Car Not accelerating issue

    Ok, here the deal, I have a fresh install of RBR with the latest rbrcit with ngp6 and fixup, no other plugins. I download all cars from the list in rbrcit itself and have updated carlist.ini. my issue is that all the download cars do not rev when I hit the accelerator, but I can change gears...
  2. P

    RBR YouTube Clips

    hey there! i wanted to start a thread where people could post youtube clips of them playing RBR, or of their favorite clips of people playing RBR. please dont post YouTube clips of other racing games and only post RBR related content :geek: thank you!
  3. Bram Hengeveld

    2018 Nations Grand Prix

    In 2008 RaceDepartment hosted a groundbreaking sim racing series: The Nations Grand Prix. Now 10 years later the NGP returns as a full blown eSport series powered by Assetto Corsa. Carefully selected esporters will defend the colors of their flags and race for the pride of their great nations...