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NGP 6 Car Not accelerating issue

Ok, here the deal,
I have a fresh install of RBR with the latest rbrcit with ngp6 and fixup, no other plugins. I download all cars from the list in rbrcit itself and have updated carlist.ini. my issue is that all the download cars do not rev when I hit the accelerator, but I can change gears till 6th. The cars doesn't rev at all. It is not a one car issue, all the cars, but makes a weird, low buzzing sound along with the engine sound. I only tried the modded cars as I heard only those work. My carlist.ini is updated to the ly-racing link and is updated in the rbrcit-download tab too. Nothing seems to work, I have tried for a week with no success, any help would be much appreciated.

P.S my base game works fine without NGP and without modded cars.
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Ok I fixed my own problem, and how I did it is answered in this thread