nascar euro series

  1. Marzy

    Alberto Naska Euronascar Livery 1

    Reproduction of the Alberto Naska's Euronascar 88 car with the 2022 livery. To use the livery you have to first download the car mod, thant you can find here . Once you downloaded the skin, you will just have to copy the folder into assettocorsa/content/cars/pg_euronascar/skins and you'll be...
  2. J

    Raceway Venray 1.0

    This is a conversion from NR2003 of Raceway Venray, the half-mile oval in the Netherlands that the NASCAR Euro Series last raced on in 2019. Someone named NASCAR Creations apparently made it ( All I did was convert the trackside objects to rFactor and add an...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    Villeneuve Confirms Full-Time Racing Return

    Controversial Canadian Jacques Villeneuve has announced a full-time return to racing next year, inking a deal to join the growing Euro NASCAR championship. A former Formula One World Champion and Indy 500 victor alongside his 1995 title success in the American category, Jacques Villeneuve has...