Villeneuve Confirms Full-Time Racing Return

Paul Jeffrey

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Controversial Canadian Jacques Villeneuve has announced a full-time return to racing next year, inking a deal to join the growing Euro NASCAR championship.

A former Formula One World Champion and Indy 500 victor alongside his 1995 title success in the American category, Jacques Villeneuve has found himself out of full-time racing employment since walking away from Formula One at the end of the 2005 season - something the 47-year-old Canadian has rectified in time for next year, agreeing a deal to return to NASCAR competition for the first time since 2013.

Having lost his seat at Sauber to the up and coming Robert Kubica mid-season in 2005, Villeneuve spent something of a nomadic existence in motorsport for the next few years, trying his hand a various different forms of competitive racing, from NASCAR, Andros Trophy Ice Racing, V8 Supercars in Australia and plenty in between, however the often outspoken driver never quite managed to secure, and maintain, a full season of racing since his departure as a driver from the Grand Prix paddock.

Now returning to the officially sanctioned NASCAR tour, Villeneuve will join up with the Go Fas Racing Ford Mustang team that competes in the NASCAR Euro Series - an official sanctioned NASCAR category that races on road course locations throughout Europe.

"I had a lot of fun discovering the car because it is really similar to what I was used to in NASCAR in the US.. You can really drive it hard and you can work a lot on the car and that's also very nice" said Villeneuve of his early test with the team over at the Italian Franciacorta circuit earlier this week.​

"Returning full-time is what matters the most to me, because I want to be part of a complete project and have a goal for the entire season. I'm really looking forward to the first race of 2019".
Returning to racing following recent abortive campaigns in both Formula E and the Americas Rallycross category, Villeneuve will be looking to undertake his first full time series since departing Formula One mid way through 2005, marking a welcome return to competition for one of motorsports most colourful, and dramatic, racing champions.

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I guess euro have no ovals, so yeah to have fun, it make sense.

IIRC the Whelan series ( official name for euroNascar ) has an oval in a car park in France. There's no superspeedways with the demise of Lausitz & Rockingham this year, but there's plenty of 1/4 mile ovals if they really want one :p

I seem to remember finding a stream for one race which had less viewers than the average TCR UK end of year stream, which is quite an achievement.
EuroNascar races in Brands Hatch etc has been quite spectacular what I've watched them occasionally. Of course it's sad that proper ovals in europe are either destroyed or out of use. Would be so much easier for european drivers to step up to Us Nascar if they could train here properly.
The only guy I've ever truly root for. :inlove:
Go Jacq.

That helmet design. @@
A true example for today's drivers how you choose your helm design while you're at a beginning of your racing career and stick with it !!! Today they have to make a rule to limit those brat drivers from changing helmet design every damn race.

He's got Indianapolis 500 win, F1 title and only missing Le mans win to complete triple crown. He came 2nd in 2008.
If he wins the 24 Hours of Le Mans, he would become the first person since Graham Hill to win the Triple Crown of Motorsport, having previously won both the Indianapolis 500 and the Formula One World Championship.
(from Wikipedia)

Maybe some will say this is a long shot but in my opinion, he have much greater chances than Alonso to complete triple crown.
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Cote Dazur

SIM Addict
Triple Crown is not F1 World Championship, but GP in Monaco. So not even close for Jacques... ;-)
true but:
Alternative definitions[edit]
Including F1 Drivers' Championship[edit]
An alternative definition, as espoused by Triple Crown winner Graham Hill, and Jacques Villeneuve [7]replaces the Monaco Grand Prix with the Formula One World Championship; Graham Hill is also the only driver to have accomplished this, winning the F1 Drivers' Title in 1962 and 1968

that would work for me too.
I still remember that pass on the outside lane at Estoril on Schumacher... :geek:

While a ballsy move people just dont have the brainpower to appreciate that on a high speed corner like that if you can go around the outside its because your car is generating a crap load more downforce than that rubbish Ferrari. The move was a sign of Adrian Newey brilliance more than anything else.
Putting Schumacher and Villeneuve in the same equipment at their peaks would have been mighty embarrasing for JV. Not even in the same league.

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