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my sumer car save game

  1. I

    msc save update 2021-05-17

    new version to msc 1.1 sorry 1.1.0 1s broken but this is 1.1.1 welcome to play
  2. I

    msc save 1.1

    new wersion to msc save 2021 1.1
  3. I

    msc save 2021 1.0

    msc save 1.0 builded satsuma
  4. efecakir35


    I uploaded a lot of save But when I will leave the house in all the door is locked PLEASE HELP HELLLLLLLLLP
  5. sargentonemyt

    My saver car already assembled without verification Ultima versao

    just need to change tires for the inspection
  6. S

    Can someone wire up my satsuma please

  7. P

    Save Satsuma GT 2019-11-12

  8. M

    My Summer Car save game with GT parts instaled 2019-08-04

    What it contains: -A Satsuma with the engine tuned and GT parts installed -999.999 Marks -Gifu and Hayosiko -Rally tires and metal paint on the Satsuma
  9. H

    My Summer Car (save game) 05.07.2019 1.0