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  1. Jordan Grant-Smith

    Wanted Sim Labs Fanatec DD Podium Mount for GT1 Evo 500mm

    Based in London. Would like to buy the 500mm Simlabs Fanatec DD Mount for the Sim Labs GT1 Evo. Will pay for postage.
  2. KBearGotGame

    Sim Lab Integrated Triple Monitor Mount Alignment Issue

    Hello, I have recently just purchased the Sim Lab Integrated Triple Monitor Mount and I am having Alignment Issues with the right monitor. The middle and left monitor line up/ align really nicely but the right monitor is around 8mm too high next to the middle monitor and messes up the image. I...
  3. A

    "Mount Akina" skin for background at 8k 2019-10-10

    Install: extract from "Mount Akina background 8k skin.7z" in track`s folder "..\AssettoCorsa\content\tracks\mount_akina_2017\" and confirm the prompt. This adds a sharper greenery on the hills and leaves all the rest untouched It even mixes well with the Autumn Deem Credits: Google Earth Pro...
  4. Raging Beard

    My idea for mounting a shifter (and HOTAS)

    I hope this is allowed, it's not advertising anything, I just personally find it a great way to mount my shifter in a realistic position, whether that be at a desk or on my Playseat Challenge.