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"Mount Akina" skin for background at 8k 2019-10-10

A bit more detail in the background

  1. alekabul
    Screenshot_ks_mazda_miata_mount_akina_2017_10-10-119-5-13-30.jpg Screenshot_ks_mazda_miata_mount_akina_2017_10-10-119-5-12-21.jpg Screenshot_ks_mazda_miata_mount_akina_2017_10-10-119-4-59-3.jpg
    Install: extract from "Mount Akina background 8k skin.7z" in track`s folder "..\AssettoCorsa\content\tracks\mount_akina_2017\" and confirm the prompt. This adds a sharper greenery on the hills and leaves all the rest untouched
    CM skin.jpg

    It even mixes well with the Autumn Deem
    Credits: Google Earth Pro, Adobe Ps, 3DSimED and Me.

    Happy driving!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Bloody1979
    Version: 2019-10-10
    1. alekabul
      Author's Response
      Someone just did "Nsuka" like you`ve wished : )
      Enjoy your driving!
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