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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Automobilista 2 | New 2019 Stock Car Trailer Released

    Reiza Studios have issued a surprise new Automobilista 2 trailer to celebrate the final round of the Brazilian Stock Car Series this weekend - featuring these awesome cars in AMS 2! As I'm sure most reading this will be well aware, one of the key real world licences within the Automobilista...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    Automobilista 2: More News Dropping Tomorrow...

    Reiza Studios have teased some more news is heading our way about the upcoming Automobilista 2 racing simulation... I suspect it is pretty fair to say that the announcement of AMS 2 and change of engine to MADNESS has stirred up the community somewhat, dividing opinion and causing various...
  3. StrongestFish

    F1 2019 Wild tropical grass in Brazil 2019-07-19

    A very simply and very crazy mod :) Welcome to the new "Green Hell" in Brazil! It's the same feelings like on city circuits, but with intangible grass instead of walls. Gameplay by TIAMETMARDUK: My gameplay: All my mods for F1 2019:
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    Automobilista 2: June Development Roadmap + Gameplay Video!

    Reiza Studios have released their June 'Automobilista 2 Development Roadmap' - and it contains plenty of exciting news about AMS 2... Having met with huge community excitement when Reiza Studios pushed live their Automobilista 2 announcement back at the end of May, the sim racing community have...