Automobilista 2: More News Dropping Tomorrow...

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Yorkshire, UK
AMS 2 News Tomorrow.. .jpg

Reiza Studios have teased some more news is heading our way about the upcoming Automobilista 2 racing simulation...

I suspect it is pretty fair to say that the announcement of AMS 2 and change of engine to MADNESS has stirred up the community somewhat, dividing opinion and causing various levels of excitement within pretty much everyone with even a passing interest in the world of virtual motorsport.

With something of an impressive track record in our little niche hobby, I'm sure I'm speaking for the majority here when I say how hungry we are for new news on the title.. and that hunger looks set to be fed tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Automobilista 2 will release for PC December 2019.

For the latest Automobilista 2 news and discussions, head over to the AMS 2 sub forum here at RaceDepartment and get yourself involved in the conversation today!

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"Ladies and gents, we are here to announce today that tomorrow we're making another announcement!"
-stay tuned :roflmao:
Really looking forward to seeing AMS2, hoping for the best. Now that ACC has bit the dirty dust - bring on some greatness!
My favourite kind of announcement is an announcement of an announcement. Good thing RD announced the announcement of the announcement, otherwise the announcements announcement would have been unannounced.

And everyone knows you need an announcement announcement or the announcement simply doesn't work as intended.
If that track screenshot is what I think it is, well that looks as yummy as a young............(not gonna go there again:p)
Looking forward to AMS2!
The Tyre model & physics alone will be 200% better than Assetto Corsa for sure. :sneaky:

Oh I hope so, AC is already about 6 years old and since AMS was always a good simulator I think it's time for something new and maybe better. And I'm sure I'll buy it.

On the other hand, Pcars 3 will be the same crap that it always was and this time I will not pay for it.

Haha...Enjoy :cool: