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linkoln tech

  1. qwertyuiopzzzaa

    Qwerty's Modded Save Game v1.01

    Thanks to Linkoln Tech for the original save game, all credits goes out to them. Original Save Game: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/full-gt-satsuma-with-suitcase-save-game-2021.35982/ I suggest using the DonnerTechRacing Turbo and ECU for this game as you can install the turbochargers...
  2. Linkoln_TECH

    Great Start save game 2021 0.0.2

    Features: • Unlocked keys for Hayosiko, GIFU • Garage with all needed and not needed • Player money 500000 markkas. • Bought important tuning parts. • Found all GT parts • Bought all technical fluids and supplies. • Bought sausages more than 10 kilograms. • All vehicles have full level of fuel...
  3. Linkoln_TECH

    Racing Satsuma (3 different save games) 2021 0.0.5

    Features: • Racing carburetor installed • N₂O botle and injectors installed • Roll cage installed (only GT racer) • Extra gauges installed (only GT racer) • Rally suspension installed (only GT racer) • Bucket seats and racing harness installed (only GT racer) • Rally wheels installed (only GT...
  4. Linkoln_TECH

    Full stock Satsuma AMP luxe 2021 0.1.8

    Features • Suitcase with money • Suski wait you for dating • Red metallic color • Full stock adjust of engine • Unlocked all cars • You need passing re-inspection • Installed all computer games • More than 1000L of beer • More than 43 kg of sausages • Bought parts to make car awful • Unlocked...
  5. Linkoln_TECH

    Special rear window sticker 0.0.2

    3 Diferent window stickers If you like my work:thumbsup: https://www.donationalerts.com/r/linkoln_tech More information in file "How to install window stickers.txt" Thank you for downloading:)
  6. Linkoln_TECH

    Ghostbusters Satsuma (Skin) 0.0.3

    Features: • Car body dirt effect. • Car body scratches effects. • Rear window sticker. • Finnish paint job 90's. How to install skin: Car body - .\steamapps\common\My Summer Car\Images\(delete "template.png) paste "car.png" Rear window sticker - .\steamapps\common\My Summer...
  7. Linkoln_TECH

    Full GT Satsuma with suitcase save game 2021 0.2.8

    Features: • Unlocked keys for Hayosiko, Ruscko, Gifu. • Unlocked cabin, Jouko's new house. • Suitcase with 1850000 markkas. • Player money 500000 markkas. • Bought important tuning parts. • Installed all GT parts and twin carburetor. • Bought all technical fluids and supplies. • Bought sausages...