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linkoln tech

  1. Linkoln_TECH

    Ghostbusters Satsuma (Skin) 0.0.1

    Features: • Car body dirt effect. • Car body scratches effects. • Rear window sticker. • Finnish paint job 90's. How to install skin: Car body - .\steamapps\common\My Summer Car\Images\(delete "template.png) paste "car.png" Rear window sticker - .\steamapps\common\My Summer...
  2. Linkoln_TECH

    Full GT Satsuma with suitcase save game 2020 0.0.5

    Features: • Unlocked keys for Hayosiko, Ruscko, Gifu. • Unlocked cabin, Jouko's new house. • Suitcase with 1850000 markkas. • Player money 500000 markkas. • Bought important tuning parts. • Installed all GT parts and twin carburetor. • Bought all technical fluids and supplies. • Bought sausages...