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  1. Ruhisu

    Lamborghini Diablo GTR skinpack 2019-08-17

    This is my first release ever for AC and I know it still needs some work so let's say that this is a 1.0 version. The skinpack contains 10 skins in which 6 are liveries adapted from some older packs like JGTC-2000 pack which doesn't work on this car I was working on and 4 of them are my own...
  2. vadhil

    Lamborghini Super Trofeo 2018 deleted

    deleted by uploader
  3. DigiBric

    Pramac Lamborghini Mugello 1.0

    Replace Pramac Custom Pilot
  4. RoyalFranzYT

    Chiyuki Kuwayama - Lamborghini Diablo SE30 Jota 1.0

    Maybe i should have just done this on the RSS GT Lanzo V12. This is a skin i made for A3DR's Lamborghini Diablo SE30 Jota featuring Idolm@ster Shiny Colors' Chiyuki Kuwayama, albeit along with some sponsor sticker issues. The Bandai Namco logo on the side skirts remain mirrored even though they...
  5. Riri59870

    Aventador Capristo Exhaust SoundMod 1.0

    Good evening eveyone, just releasing a sound for Aventador SV (It's a Capristo Exhaust soundmod) V1.0 Used those videos : If you want to support my work, just leave a tip : https://www.paypal.me/amafmod
  6. DigiBric

    Lamborghini Squadra Corse Fantasy Team 2.0

    This MOD replace official Honda HRC Custom Pilot Team Installation: Extract file in \steamapps\common\MotoGP™19\motogp19\Content\Paks
  7. DigiBric

    Lamborghini Fantasy Team Work in Progress

    Coming Soon
  8. ZEND

    IMSA 2018 - Lamborghini Huracan GT3 #48 - Paul Miller Racing 1.0

    Lamborghini_Huracan_gt3_PMR_by_ZEND - v 1 release date: 2019.05.29 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- download only from www.racedepartment.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------- This skin recreates #48 Paul...
  9. ZEND

    IMSA 2018 - Lamborghini Huracan GT3 #11 & 19 - Grasser Racing Team 1.1

    Lamborghini_Huracan_gt3_GRT_by_ZEND - v 1 release date: 2019.05.27 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- download only from www.racedepartment.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------- This skin recreates #11 & 19...
  10. ZEND

    IMSA 2018 - Lamborghini Huracan GT3 #16 - Change Racing 1.1

    Lamborghini_Huracan_gt3_ChangeRacing_by_ZEND - v 1 release date: 2019.05.27 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- download only from www.racedepartment.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------- This skin recreates #16...
  11. Carlos_M92

    GT Brasil 2007-2009 extra skins 2019-05-24

    5 extra skins to be used on Brazilian GT mod (https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/base-files-for-gt-brasil-2007-2013-mod.26680/) 2010-2011 extra liveries coming next week 2007 - A.Mattheis Motorsport #9 - Lamborghini Gallardo (Curitiba) 2008 - A.Mattheis Motorsport #9 - Dodge Viper CC...
  12. AlexBfromG

    Grasser Racing Fantasy Skin for Lamborghini Asterion Performante 1.0

    A little tribute fantasy skin for the Lamborghini Concept which was the first hybrid. Link in the Support section i wanted this to be matte painted but with this file i have no idea.
  13. hansel22

    The Ultimate Collection - Lamborghini 1.0

    Inspired on Minardi Ultimate of early 90's here you are a myth on motorsports. Despised by Ferrari "because a tractor builder could not make race cars", Ferruccio Lamborghini devoted his whole life to showing him that he was wrong. Drivers: Davide Vlasecchi Raffaele Marcielo
  14. S

    ALMS - Krohn Barbour Racing Murcielago RS-V - RSS Lanzo V12 2019-02-06

    Based on the liveries ran by Krohn Racing during the ALMS. Preview:
  15. Rikkies

    Racing Team Italia #1 #2 #3 # 25 1.0

    The Lamborghini Huracán GT3 is equipped with an Alu-Carbon chassis and a fully integrated FIA-compliant roll-cage. The subframe has been modified both at the front and rear to accommodate a high performance water radiator (front), and for a better positioning of the gearbox (rear), improving...
  16. Rikkies

    Areva Racing Team Lamborghini #4 #5 #6 #26 2.0

    I have the AC game now for over a week and i'm really hooked on it. This is my first attempt on re-texturing the Huracan (GOD I love that Lambo). Hope you like it, feel free to download and please give me tips or report bugs.
  17. shadow118

    Lamborghini Countach Cyberpunk 1.2

    A Cyberpunk inspired livery for the Lamborghini Countach. Features a brushed metal and carbon fiber bodywork with red accents and a red interior. With it's angular lines, the car already looked sort of retro-futuristic, just needed a fresh coat of paint and it would fit right in a dystopian...
  18. Rogerson Roller

    Lamborghini Squadra Corse 2019 Extreme Chrome Livery - Assetto Corsa - PC 1.0

    Attention: Back up the file '' formula_hybrid_2018.kn5 '' so you do not have any problems later if you want to go back to the previous configuration. Install: Extract and copy the folder ''Lamborghini_Blancpain'' to the directory where the game is installed, in my case it is here: C: \ Program...
  19. CivElox

    RedOps Huracan GT3 1.0

    Hi Guys, today i will show you my Huracan GT3 skin for the GT3 online championship by RedOps. you can tell me if you find some bugs and i will fix it So I hope you enjoy it^^ _______________________________________________________ Hallo, heute will ich euch meinen Huracan GT3 Skin für unsere...
  20. shadow118

    Lamborghini Diablo VT Police 1.0

    Lamborghini Diablo VT Police car, inspired from Hot Pursuit 2. I added a few "Police" signs, so it wouldn't be so empty. The sheriff star is from Grand Theft Auto, but I think it's close enough to the original The skin is for @A3DR 's Diablo VT mod

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