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    Votes: 75 34.6%
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kart track

  1. dazo03

    Burnout-Celler indoor gokart track (preview,DEMO) 0.01

    Important: This is the first attempt for my first track. This route is currently still in the demo and is constantly being improved. In case of errors or suggestions for improvement please let me know Track: The challenging track with tunnel, bridge and racing asphalt stretches across three...
  2. Xiaohan

    Wuhan WSK (Karting) 1.1 Ver 1.1

    Hello everyone. I am very happy to publish my first work here. My English is very poor. Please understand. I am from China. The track is located in my hometown Wuhan. At first, my idea was to save myself the cost of practicing in the field. Later, more and more people supported my idea. With the...
  3. Nitro McClean

    AC GPK Bahrain 1.0

    Assetto Corsa Grand Prix Karting Bahrain International Circuit GP and Outer Loop GP Outer loop The track In the middle of a dessert on an island in the Middle East is a very special F1 track, the Bahrain International Circuit. It has long straights followed by sharp turns, and some very...
  4. Nitro McClean

    AC GPK Spa 1.2

    Assetto Corsa Grand Prix Karting Spa Francorchamps Assetto Corsa Grand Prix Karting version of Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. @shin956 "natural look" update (version 1.2) This update gives the track a better look. The grass looks more natural, the trees look more even (the very bright and dark...
  5. K

    Auto Paradise Gotenba (Kart Track, Japan) 1.3

    Auto Paradise Gotenba(Japan), Hi-speed course from 2016/09 to 2018/02. http://www.apg-kart.com/ Note: Since there are some differences from the actual course, please be careful in real driving. *4 pit box. *AI race is OK. *No TV replay camera. (making now) I like to use the kart...
  6. C

    Goparc 2018 0.6

    The track: Goparc is an indoor kart track located in Mantova, Italy, and with is 750 meters long is one of the longest indoor kart track in the world. Some info: -10 pit box -AI doesn't work because of the narrowness of the track I recommend to use this mod...
  7. Quadrado

    Kartodromo Cabo do Mundo 2018-03-21

    Not much to say. First time trying RTB and came up with this track since i drove it a lot. Located in Leça da Palmeira, in Porto, it's a track where several competitions occur every year. You can bring your own kart or you can rent one and have fun with a group or alone. It's a fun track, very...