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  1. Aiden237

    23XI Doordash F1 car 1.01

    Drop straight into CM. RSS F1 car but in 23XI Doordash colours based on the Columbia Paint scheme. Please give me any feedback. As it helps me so much especially as it's my second ever livery. I might do the suit at some point. Probably just the suit though. Also, let me know if I left in...
  2. Niels Tieman

    Jordan Grand Prix v1.0

    Gallery82 Motorsport Design - Jordan Grand Prix Designed by Niels Tieman Version / Change Log V1 Backstory Eddie Jordan continued his program with Jordan Grand Prix in 2005 together with Mugen Honda. The team decided to bring back the snake design for the 2021 season, based on the 1997 car...
  3. Moustagua

    MY TEAM: JORDAN PEUGEOT 1996 2021-03-02

    Here is JORDAN PEUGEOT 1996 for MyTeam mode of F1 2020. This mod contains: - Car livery and rims - Driver outfit (Cap, suit, gloves, boots) - JORDAN Emblem Installation: (important: don't forget to correctly set the path to the game in EEA settings) Use EEA 7.1 to replace the files...
  4. SATLAB90

    Jordan-Honda EJ11 F1 1.2

    Jordan EJ11 (2001) by SATLAB The shark is back ;) I'm proud to present to you my very first F1 car mod: the Jordan EJ11 from the 2001 season. Even if this car has not even got a podium during its lifetime, it takes a special place in my heart as one of the most beautiful F1 car ever made...
  5. Whalenap

    RTSH Pennzoil AMR V8 Vantage 1.31

    Here it is ! The Pennzoil sponsored livery for the latest AMR Vantage V8. As you can see, this one is slightly different from the kind of "smoky" previous version. You want me to create your own custom skin ? Consider I can make it from scratch, or I can convert a given car's skin to...
  6. Ponz

    Data file for Jordan194 by @vastchapa1980 1.1

    Data file for F1 season 1994 Jordan194 by @vastchapa1980 modified : Correct Engine power Correct Electronics parts Correct Dispay Correct Cameras Correct Clutch Correct Gears Correct FFB
  7. CakeyBoy

    Jordan Hornets livery for RSS Hybrid 2020 v 1.0

    My first skin so here goes nothing, As mentioned in the title this is a livery based upon the Jordan hornets car that raced in from 1998 to 2000. This skin was designed for The RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 which can be bought here: https://sellfy.com/RaceSimStudio/ Credits: Skin - Me Car -...
  8. J

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 - Jordan Mugen 1998 Remastered 1.0

    This is my first skin for RaceDepartment. Livery of the 1998 Mugen-Jordan of Damon Hill for the 2019 Formula Hybrid of 2019. It contains the logos of the sponsors in the way they was in 2019 trying to make a remaster version of the livery and not exactly the same of 1998.
  9. iZ GunDaM

    2020 Jordan Honda EJ20 - Fantasy Livery 1.1

    My first F1 2020 livery, and my first try making a livery. Well known for an easygoing attitude, Jordan Grand Prix were one of the ultimate underdog teams of the 1990s compared to the West McLaren Mercedes and Marlboro Ferrari's, thanks to their immediately identifiable yellow colors and...
  10. Haze Racing Design

    RSS Formula Hybrid 20 - Jordan 198 2020-07-13

    #6 Jordan Grand Prix Livery Pack, for the amazing Race Sim Studio FH20. Buy the car here - https://racesimstudio.com/shop if you don't already have it! Car #6 D. Hill You Do Not have permission to modify and reupload my work to other skins &/or sims. If you like my work, follow me on...
  11. Alexandre Christianini

    Peugeot 106 Rallye S2 - Jordan F1 Edition 1.0

    Livery for Peugeot 106 Rally S2 Mod: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/peugeot-106-rallye-s2.32274/ I create these fiction livery based on 96's Jordan F1 Team car, I hope you enjoy guys :) Best regards, Tuba
  12. Diese vergessene F1 Strecke werden wir wohl nie wieder sehen...

    Diese vergessene F1 Strecke werden wir wohl nie wieder sehen...

    Mitte der 90er war der Okayama International Circuit Austragungsort des Pacific-GP in der Formel 1. Wir schauen auf diese legendäre Strecke und Genration gemeinsam zurück.
  13. Moustagua

    CLASSIC SUIT CAP BOOTS GLOVES for F1 2019: JORDAN 1991 2020-05-25

    If you like my work, please feel free to make a donation. Click here: Here are suit, cap, boots, gloves for JORDAN 1991. These stuffs are usable for multiplayer and classic cars mod. INSTALLATION: In F1 2019 the boots, caps, gloves an suits textures files are located in several ERP files. To...
  14. PapayaOrange16

    Team 7UP Jordan Livery | RSS Formula Hybrid X 2021 1.0

    Remade the Team 7UP Jordan livery to the best of my abilities. Some logos, the driver suits, and the gloves are from the VRC Jordan. Enjoy :) - Next update will most likely include alternate versions of the livery including the Tic Tac one.
  15. F1Anime

    F1 2019 Jordan Livery (replaces Racing Point / Wish someone would make it)

    What would happen if Midland, Spyker, Force India and Racing Point names never existed? I would like someone else to make that livery with 3 diffrent sponsors: 1'st one: The Benson & Hedges one 2'nd one: Goodsmile Company (fantasy sponsor) 3'rd one: VYPE (E-cigarette brand) Alongside with...
  16. Julio Cezar Kronbauer

    VRC Modding Team Free Cars UI Manufacturer Brands 1.13

    The files contained in this package modify the VRC Modding Team mods to put the team's free cars in its respective manufacturer brand groups at the car selection screen. Extract the compressed file contents to the main Assetto Corsa folder (defaults to...
  17. dead end

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2018 - Jordan Hart 1.0

    https://www.instagram.com/deadendgt/ Fictional Jordan 194 livery for the RSS Formula Hybrid 2018 (http://racesimstudio.com/) includes both #14 Barrichello & #15 Irvine skins, pit crew, drivers, helmets, etc. Designed by Daniel Crossman Thanks to @Sulock for the video files go here -...
  18. Valdsak

    Yellow Jordan GP [Toro Rosso] 1.0

    I missed the old all-yellow Jordans I grew up with so I decided that they could replace Toro Rosso (let's be honest, having a second "Red Bull" team isn't interesting and by chance, Jordan used to have Honda engines). I mostly based myself on 1999 Jordan but with some modern sponsors of Toro...
  19. Celtic Pharaoh

    EU F1 @ Circuit Gilles Villeneuve (Montreal) - Sat 09Jun18

    Canada, eh? In keeping with the Formula One World Championship who will be racing at Canada the very same weekend, we will be taking the first car Michael Schumacher ever raced, the Jordan 191, in Formula One, as well as being one of the most beautiful Formula One cars ever made. And of course...
  20. lakititi

    Ferrari , Michael Jordan Collaboration.Ferrari Breds 2018-04-19

    im a a 1st time modder. i didnt use photoshop i used Paint.net i know Michael Jordan Loves Ferrari and i love Ferrari.. here is the Ferrari Jordan Breds (Black and Red) with a touch of Jordan signature Elephant SKin print. sorry its still messy, i still need a lot of practice im new in doing...