integrity check

  1. Billy Pilgrim

    AC crashes: Car ks_whatever might be missing or its data is heavily damaged

    Since last night, AC crashes back to the desktop when I try to load a race and CM gives a message to say: Car ks_porsche/or whatever might be missing data or is heavily damaged. It doesn't seem to be doing this with all cars - there seems to not be a problem with mod cars, but just with some...
  2. S

    Is it save to do Steam integrity check with Sol, apps & mods?

    Hi all, I still have not wound a solution for my issue where Rift´s right eye view has a "double screen" always when I turn pp filters on and works fine when pp filters are off. I have found two other identical cases in forums where I guess the solution was to reinstall Assetto Corsa. That´s...