1. holacrosty

    Nurburgring Nords. Ok. this one is just for eye candy.

    Hey guys. WelI..I found that a most precise geolocation and racedate will even make the shaders work properly on angles of incidence of lighting and shadows. But there are still problems with the shaders. Shadows still overlap, but much less. Fog is not linear. Specular gets inside the casted...
  2. holacrosty

    Comparison shot for the Shader guy

    Shader guy.. my new GFX is the 1st.. and I tried the other way but it doesnt call the SRPL even with the DX9 pack.. or I am missing something. But it is clear to me that is has to be done on a per track basis. Because all tracks are different. There is no standard. So it might be cool so if we...
  3. holacrosty

    shots of WIP: new Ligthing Patch and New Shaders

    This new patch will include a new GFX also. I have not check FPS exactly but I think it remains the same. They are very important for me but also the graphics. Well guys I use (and recomend) 6500 kº temperature color for your monitor. But does this still look good on your monitor? Here some...
  4. holacrosty

    Misc GTR2 Lighting Patch by holacrosty

    holacrosty submitted a new resource: GTR2 Lighting Patch by holacrosty - Sun / Shadow / Ambient / Colour alignment & correction. Read more about this resource...
  5. holacrosty

    GTR2 Lighting Patch by holacrosty 1.1

    " GTR2 Lighting Patch by holacrosty 1.1 " Change log: V1.1: -Increased Lighting Intensity. -Better Colours Balance. -Better Intensity Balance. -Better Fog Colour and some corrections. -More realistic and warmer sensation. -Tested on more tracks. -Added "NorthDir" solution for backwards...
  6. holacrosty

    Today I release the " Lighting Patch 1.0 by holacrosty " :)

    It will be posted on Misc: " Lighting Patch 1.0 by holacrosty " Here are some random SS from WIP: