1. Pasta2000

    TCL Lotus Cortina - Headlight Tapes & Steel Rims addon 1.1

    Kulich has provided the TCL Lotus Cortina with some 3D headlight tapes, which you can add to any skin of your choosing. Install instructions below! Install instructions: 1. Download the files 2. Open the .rar 3. Open a skin folder of the TCL Lotus Cortina (any will do): 4. In the rar, select...
  2. Andrey_Camper

    Realistic high beam headlights fix

    Background: I went to an online server to ride on a track. After a while, night fell. I turned on the high beams and to my surprise I saw absolutely nothing but a narrow space in the middle of the screen. Since I actually drove a car with high beams on, I know it must look completely different...
  3. G

    SimHub Headlights indicator AMS2 1.0

    A simple SimHub Headlights indicator for AMS2
  4. Sim911

    Skin on GT3 cup 24h LIGHT

    Hello everyone I'm starting a skin on the Porsche GT3 Cup(i'm new, hope the post is at the right position on this forum) in the game there are two type of car: -with additional 24-hour headlights -without additional headlights when I create a car it always has the additional headlights, I...
  5. Vikanen

    [PLUGIN] Headlamp 1.2

    Have you ever had problem at night, that you can't find your lightswitch or not empty beer case. Here is my first public and _very_ modest plugin to help you. First of all. I wan't to give credits to @Roman266 for creating Rally Lights mod i modified to make it for player. And also @N0tiC for...