1. BaileyRacing

    Switching from Console to PC, Specs for iRacing & ACC?

    Hi Folks, i’ve been playing on Xbox since FM4, but have felt for a while that I wanted something more ‘serious’ than console gaming could offer. I especially want to get away from the ‘rammers’ that consoles tend to attract (which is what draws me to iRacing, in particular). I enjoyed elements...
  2. B

    WRC9 Odd Graphics card discovery...

    I have got WRC 8+9 running very smoothly in the past and even made a quick video tutorial about how to do that. But I switched monitors recently and noticed some small issues cropping up. I checked all my settings in game and nothing was different, I tried lowering every graphics setting in...
  3. DND

    CPU Bottleneck and Hyper Threading

    Last year I upgraded from a GTX 970 to a GTX 1070ti to go along with the i5 6600k, 16gb DDR4-2133 on a Z170 motherboard with triple 1080p @144Hz 27" monitors. All looks good but wondering if there is something I can do to utilize the full ability of the monitors. I went to PC Builds to see if a...
  4. Terry Rock

    Options on graphics while waiting.

    I sold mine since the value will only depreciate after the new ones are released.
  5. N

    Sell Selling some GPUs (GTX 1060 + 1070)

    Since a friend of mine isn't in simracing i'm posting this for him; He's selling some used GPUs from a cryptocurrency mining rig. Used them about a year. Out of warranty. Here are the GPUs; - Zotac GTX 1060 Mini (150€) - Gainward GTX 1060 (150€) - Colorful GTX 1060 (150€) - Zotac GTX 1070 AMP...
  6. E

    Oculus Rift S, expected FPS in VR - feels like they’re restricted?

    Think I’ve found a solution! thanks
  7. L

    is it worth a new gpu?

    hi guys i have a i5-4690k prosessor and 8 gb of ram and a gforce ti750 and i have ben thinking of a new graphic card latley. when i am playing assetto corsa i have a framerate of 60-90fps without postprosessing. and now i see sometimes a white line on my monitor, its not there at the boot...
  8. N

    Upgrade advices from a 1440p spec pc

    Hello racers! I'm in a dillema. I need to upgrade my 5 year old gaming PC to continue playing the new Assetto Corsa with max settings and +30 cars without lagging and dropping below the magic 60 FPS spot. :) Currently i run with a Asus GTX 780 and I7-4770k on a 1440p monitor. Where i'm...
  9. T

    Getting everything out of my new O+ in AC VR

    Recently I was extremely lucky to buy a 1 month old 2nd hand O+ for only €400 in EU. As a first hour Assetto Corsa fan i'm having an absolute blast in VR together with my G27 playseat setup. Being able to experience this masterpiece of simulation in VR opened up a whole new world for me and I...
  10. DND

    Sell 1080p @ 60Hz 27" triple monitor set up

    This is a very good set up for three monitors at 1920 x 1080p and 60hz. GPU SOLD $195 USD Monitors SOLD $145 USD each or $375 for all...
  11. Zed2018

    Assetto Corsa Competizione PC System requirements and performance

    So what do we expect? What hardware is actually the minimum? And how well will it perform on AMD Cards?
  12. Karstenve

    Triple Monitor Setup Options

    Hello everyone! I modified a reasonably cheap pc about a month ago. I normally play iRacing but i want to play rfactor2 to. At the moment my pc doesn't handle this. I now want to upgrade my pc. I really want to run triple monitor on iracing and if possible also on rf2. At the moment I have a...
  13. Karstenve

    Vr dk2 simracing setup

    So I raced a lot on monitors but now I want to try vr. I have a pc with an intel i7-4770 but I have not bought a gpu yet. I want to just try vr first. I figured a second hand oculus rift dk2 would be a good choice to try it out. What would you guys suggest for hardware? I am aiming at sims like...