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game crashed

  1. AwesomeGAMER360

    Game was lagging in 5 seconds

    Hello members! I was driving, the game was lagging in 5 seconds. Because just configuration. Look: I was lagging says: Previous session performance: 4.7 frames per second I didn't buy a gaming computer. It just like 60 FPS. After, the game was crashed. Thanks.
  2. AwesomeGAMER360

    Game was crashed.

    Hello everyone! I run with Assetto Corsa Content Manager, but is crashed. look: And it says: Cannot create CBuffer (slot: 6, size: 192) File: source\dx\cbuffer_perobject.cpp Function: initialize Line: 60 When I click ok. Also looks: And Also said: Error might have something to do...
  3. C

    Game crashed on startup

    So I'm trying to set up my friend's game. Installed latest CM, latest CSP (0.169), and track mods. Tried to join a server and it gave this error. (He doesn't have the Japanese DLC Pack yet so I think that might be the issue?) Thanks in advance.