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fuji speedway

  1. max kagan

    Fuji Speedway F1 AI and DRS 2021 0.1

    Updated AI fast and pit lines with new sidelines for a fantasy F1 appearance at reboot team's Fuji Speedway AI can lap in the 16s and has good side by side racing Drs zones from: T16->T1 T8->T10 Need to hold shift when loading the sim to load sidelines properly
  2. EShglz

    Camera replay for rt_fuji_speedway V1.0

    2 cameras for the reboot team Fuji Speedway (rt_fuji_speedway).
  3. kevink63

    AI for Fuji Speedway 2017 v2.0

    New ai lines to fix erratic behavior down straightaway and pits. I fixed the side lines (btw thanks to Esotic for his AI Line Helper app) and created a new lines with a Chivas 2013 GT500. This is for Tiago Lima's version of Fuji International Speedway 0.0.9, whch can be found here on Race Dept...