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Realistic Billboards for Fuji Speedway

Realistic Billboards for Fuji Speedway 1.1

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My first mod on Racedepartment. This is a little project I was messing around with. My attempt to make the billboards for reboot teams Fuji Speedway a bit more realistic by fixing/adding correct sponsors. Not totally realistic. I added my own flare to some of the billboards around the trackside but ultimately tried to line it up as close as possible to the real thing.

I had a bit of trouble getting the Armco at Dunlop Corner to work properly where it has a portion of orange at the end of it for the Emergency Crews. Something to do with the transparency which I can't figure out properly. Screenshot_avr500_r_2021_rt_fuji_speedway_13-7-121-1-34-9.jpg Screenshot_avr500_r_2021_rt_fuji_speedway_13-7-121-1-34-40.jpg Screenshot_avr500_r_2021_rt_fuji_speedway_13-7-121-1-36-59.jpg Screenshot_avr500_r_2021_rt_fuji_speedway_13-7-121-1-38-7.jpg Screenshot_avr500_r_2021_rt_fuji_speedway_13-7-121-1-39-44.jpg Screenshot_avr500_r_2021_rt_fuji_speedway_13-7-121-1-40-45.jpg Screenshot_avr500_r_2021_rt_fuji_speedway_13-7-121-1-41-44.jpg Screenshot_avr500_r_2021_rt_fuji_speedway_13-7-121-1-42-18.jpg Screenshot_avr500_r_2021_rt_fuji_speedway_13-7-121-1-44-2.jpg Screenshot_avr500_r_2021_rt_fuji_speedway_13-7-121-1-45-49.jpg
To install, drag and drop into Content Manager.
To install manually, extract the "assettocorsa" folder into the location of where you have Assetto Corsa installed e.g: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common

Big thank you to Soulx07 for using my mod:

Please let me know what you think :)

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