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fuel usage

  1. Krobulen

    Fuel Control 0.7

    What is This? It is an application that is responsible for calculating the fuel that will be used for the session How To Use? This application currently has two modes, one designed for ACC where you have two lists, one for the maps which are all ACC tracks and the other for the cars where you...
  2. M

    Fuel consumption v0.2

    A simple first plugin I made to get some experience on it, it shows a lap counter, the 3 last laps you did and how much fuel you used on each one, an overall consumption and the average of all laps
  3. DND

    Fuel Consumption

    To calculate my race fuel I use my practice lap times to the overall race length and set the amount of fuel laps, generally I can get it within 2 laps. This weekend I missed it by so much in my practice race distance I thought I made a mistake. But after replicating it in the race I knew...
  4. Icy_4ever

    How to force AI-pitstops?

    Hey guys, I want to create some offline GT3 racing with a pitstop. However I know that I can´t force the AI to go into the pits, they need a legit reason to pit (e.g. empty fuel tank). In GT3 the cars have a fuel tank size of around 110 litres, which means that my races are minimum 45-50 laps...
  5. ltcars

    Cars How to calculate fuel consumption

    The formula for fuel consumption is (rpm*gas*CONSUMPTION)/1000 litres My car consumes 6,4 litres per 100km. It revs to 6400. What should I do?
  6. Littlefysh

    AI Fuel Levels

    I have just downloaded the nordschleife 2007 pack and I appear to be having some issues with the AI fuel levels. The AI don't seem to fuel themselves enough to complete even a lap of the circuit, running out of fuel between approximately the first carousel and the last corner (24hr...
  7. A

    ACRLfuel 1.2.0

    Some people only wanted the fuel information from my other app RacerData http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/racerdata.15422/ So this is that. All the same calculations etc. Very straight forward. Range can be toggled and has the following modes: Average so using L/Lap displayed Last...
  8. A

    RacerData 1.3.1

    Simple data display of some timing information useful for race sessions. The app shows data across 5 sections. The image below shows the app after a lap has just been completed. The top row displays Lap and Track information. Then there is fuel on the second row. The left hand main panel are...
  9. Esotic

    Fuel Usage (Esotic Mod) V1.29

    I modded the fuel usage app that you can get over here: http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/in...el-usage.3910/ V1.27 Demo Video (updates since V1.19) V1.19 Demo Video The primary reason for the mod was to support fuel loads greater than 99 liters, but then I added some INI options to add new...