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  1. Jolan

    Formula Hybrid 2020 - Alpine F1 Team Concept 1.3

    My take at the Alpine for this year took inspiration from that : It only contains the car skin Just drag and drop in the Formula Hybrid 2020 folder Get the car here : https://racesimstudio.com/formula-hybrid-2020 Shocase made by @=H3R0=
  2. sickopaul

    Project Simulation Italia (Platinum / Obsidian) - Formula Hybrid 2020 1.0

    Hi everyone! Wanted to share with you some showcase skins I made for me and my teammates, simple plain black and white skins. I worked only on the RGB map to obtain this matte/lucid effect which stands out with different lighting angles. Hope you'll enjoy it! N.B. The skins are made using ARGB...
  3. Lt_Spirit

    Jabaly Academy Racing Team 2020-11-25

    Skins para el Formula Hybrid 2020 y Formula RSS 1990 dedicadas al streamer Keny500. La del Formula Hybrid 2020 es una skin totalmente rehecha . Skins for the FH2020 and Formula RSS 1990 dedicated to the streamer Keny500. The skin from the FH2020 is a totally remake skin. --LEER ESTO POR...
  4. F1 is Back at Imola | NEW RSS FH2020 Update | Assetto Corsa

    F1 is Back at Imola | NEW RSS FH2020 Update | Assetto Corsa

    Game: Assetto Corsa Car: RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 Track: Imola Driver: Scott van Breda ---- SUBSCRIBE!: https://******/2R97NPr ---- Support my channel: PATREO...
  5. b17

    Pack Team Helado 0.1

    -ESP- Pinturas dedicadas al "Team Helado", equipo de Sim Racing creado por los streamers Borja Zazo y Xabier Sánchez (Heikki360Es). Aun estoy aprendiendo hacer skins, pero estoy contento con el resultado. --Este pack incluye una skin para el Formula Hybrid 2020 y el Formula Americas 2020 (con...
  6. L

    2020 Alfa Romeo Racing C39 | RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 1.0

    This is 2020's Alfa Romeo livery, for RSS Formula Hybrid 2020. Quite like this livery, it's surely and improvement over the 2019 one, though I find a bit sad that the team is giving less and less space to the Sauber/Swiss motif. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy. For Helmets, you can find them in...
  7. Kamiklaasie

    Formula Hybrid 2020 - RedBull racing 1.3

    Red Bull variant for the outstanding Formula Hybrid by Race Sim Studio. Get the car here! The ACSPRH Verstappen 2020 helmet is in the car folder. To see the helmet, you only have to install the mod ACSPHR like in their readme file! Download the mod ACSPRH from Race department under the...
  8. Kamiklaasie

    Formula Hybrid 2020 Ferrari SF1000 skin 1.4

    Ferrari SF1000 skin for the brand new Formula Hybrid 2020 by Race Sim Studio. Get the car here...