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  1. Gregz0r

    Estoril1988 - Faster a.i Line. 1.0

    Competitive a.i lines for the estoril1988. track. The ai were always painfully slow around the quick first and final corners of this track, as they get on the power far too late, when coming off the final turn onto the main straight. I originally thought making a.i lines was a hard process...
  2. Please Stop This

    Blender addon: Import/Export .csv and .ai files 1.3

    Edit February 2021: AI-line recording is somewhat bugged with CustomShadersPatch enabled (it does not work at all!) . So when doing ai-line/border stuff, then I STRONGLY recommend to disable CSP! Edit2 May 2021: with CSP enabled, please disable those two options, or CSP will generate ai-line...
  3. R

    Apps 【Question】Cannot select AI line on ksEditor.

    The AI marker appear at randaom points if right – click at the track. Like this vid. My situation. 「fast_lame.ai」 made by 「AI edior」 in assetto corsa app. AI car will run the course correctly if use this fast_lane.ai. There is no problem if you load your own Ai line in a course created by...