1. OzBoz

    RSS 4 - Lega Corsa Skin Pack by SecondSkins.nl 1.0

    A skin pack I created some time ago but which was requested in a YouTube comment. The skin is 4k and comes with fitting gloves, helmets and suits. Race on! Oscar - oscar@secondskins.nl / Other skins by me
  2. Z

    F4 Tatuus Raikkonen rF2 skin?

    Would anyone be willing to make a Mclaren Raikkonen skin from 04 for the Tatuus F4? i see barely any skins for the car but i was wondering if a remake would be done by people.
  3. I

    WILLIAMS 2021 REDESIGN fh2020 1

    YOUTUBE VIDEO WILL BE OUT ON SUNDAY MAY 16TH - for now here is a previous video -
  4. Lady Oscar

    SF70H for Tatuus F4 Kimi Raikkonen 1.0

    I've made the skin of the SF70H (2017 Ferrari) available for the Tatuusfa1 Helmet, gloves and suit of Kimi Raikkonen Pit crew included Steering wheel modified Pirelli tyres
  5. Lady Oscar

    Ferrari 1000 GP Skin for Tatuus FA01 F4 0.9

    Copy into D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\tatuusfa1\skins Ferrari 1000GP skin made for the Tatuus FA01. I've changed Steering wheel, adding Ferrari's logo Pirelli tyres Helmet and gloves I've forgot to save the GP part in the 1000 image, so the logo is a little...
  6. Twiggy5471

    F2, F3, & F4 Championships 1

    Similar to my last Championship pack but includes F2, F3, and F4 seasons. with the bonus of 1966 F2 & F3. To install you put them in the Documents/Assetto Corsa/champs folder take them out of the year folder also. Sorry but I can't provide a good list of where to find certain mods so...
  7. fabinator6

    Formula RSS4 | #10 NODA Racing 1.0.0

    Well, here's a replica of the F4 used in the Danish F4 Championship by Japanese young talent, Juju Noda. It's not perfect, as some sponsors are missing here and there, and the main design is not properly aligned (especially on the nose), but it's also my first ever Assetto Corsa livery, so i'm...
  8. M

    2020 Spanish F4 Skin Pack 1.0

    2020 Spanish F4 Championship skin pack with 17 car skins for the Formula RSS 4. I will add the few remaining cars soon.
  9. dominicojoe

    Jay Howard Driver Development skin for RSS Formula 4 1.1

    Just a simple replicated formula 4 skin.
  10. Sman

    RSS Formula 4, TRS Arden Junior Racing Team, Red Bull, British F4 2018 2019-04-15

    TRS Arden Junior Racing Team Skins for RSS Formula 4. Formula RSS 4 for Assetto Corsa https://racesimstudio.com/shop
  11. anto31ad

    Capeta's Formula Stellar Skins for the Tatuus FA01 2.0

    How to install (You may not need this): open your Tatuus FA01 skins folder [assettocorsa\content\cars\tatuusfa1\skins] delete any previous ca_x folders from the previous version of this skinpack extract this version .zip file into the car's folder run the game and have fun! Note: 18 cars in total