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ets 2

  1. Kevin Sawyer

    ETS 2 / ATS Air pressure gauge

    Hi everyone I built my own simdash using symprojects parts mainly, my plan is it add a Air pressure gauge to my set up I have got the the ardino nano and downloaded the sim hub software and have a gauge, I just need help on how to set up the nano to read the air pressure telemetry and transmit...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    Heavy Cargo Euro Truck Sim 2 DLC Released

    The long awaited 'Heavy Load' DLC pack for European Truck Sim 2 has been released on Steam, adding weighty cargo to the simulation plus a few extra features for good measure... Heavy Cargo DLC - New Types of Loads: Asphalt Miller Industrial Cable Reel Concrete Beams Crawl Dozer Locomotive...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    American Truck Sim and ETS 2 to Recieve Double Trailers Next Update

    SCS Software have revealed work in progress images of the new double trailer feature due to arrive for both sims as part of the next major update. Fresh off the back of the recent heavy loads update, SCS Software have today confirmed that double trailers are making their way into both American...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    European Truck Simulator: DAF XF 105 Update

    SCS Software, the developers behind popular trucking games European Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, have confirmed a substantial update to the DAF XF 105 truck already in game is due for release in the coming weeks. The studio have revealed they are currently working on...