drag racing

  1. ArchangelX

    Hawaii Raceway Park 0.85

    Hawaii Raceway Park Hawaii Raceway Park was Oahu, Hawaii's first major racetrack. Built in a series of phases starting in 1962, the eventual completed facility became the home of motorsports in Hawaii for over forty years. HRP as it was popularly known, was also known as Hawaii...
  2. NamsomVlog

    ISUZU D-MAX VS CHEV ตาหวาน ดวนทางตรง | Drag Racing Thailand

    ISUZU D-MAX VS CHEV ตาหวาน ดวนทางตรง | Drag Racing Thailand
  3. PegaMixel

    Cars Straight Corsa Pro Mod

    ***All Updates, except major ones will be in the replies only*** A Project i started due to my recent interest in NHRA Drag racing (especially Pro Mod). Since I'm a b*tch for detail and - thanks to my german nature i guess - my love for overengineering things I'm creating this model to the last...
  4. NamsomVlog

    Pick-up truck with a car prize of over 150,000 baht | Drag Racing Thailand

    Ban Khod Cars, Car Racing, Awarded 150,000 baht Model 1.9 Blue Power Rubber Thin Mouth 44 mm Weight 1600 kg Turbo inlet, no more than 44.5 milliliters The front cover of the rear 3000, the middle shirt 3000/04, the middle shirt is prohibited. 55/5 H-pattern system with chillcom The front seat...