Pick-up truck with a car prize of over 150,000 baht | Drag Racing Thailand


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Jun 15, 2019
Ban Khod Cars, Car Racing, Awarded 150,000 baht
Model 1.9 Blue Power Rubber Thin Mouth 44 mm Weight 1600 kg
Turbo inlet, no more than 44.5 milliliters
The front cover of the rear 3000, the middle shirt 3000/04, the middle shirt is prohibited. 55/5
H-pattern system with chillcom
The front seat, the front of the carpet must have the original floor. Allow 1 battery
Air must be functional. Total weight 1600 kg
A single amber suspension has the original fuel tank.
Do not allow to clutter any items on the tray. Clutter in the hood only
Dave brake, front tire size not less than 215, tire size not exceeding 275/40, trading software not less than 140
No system in every type of speech