More Teasing in iRacing Development Update

Just a day after teasing the circuit of Jerez on their Twitter account, iRacing came out with more juicy informations in an open letter to the community. The publication is quite lengthy and goes into extensive details about physics, so we'll focus on key points here.

First, they claim the dev team has been expanded, with some of the new hires coming from the competition: several people previously working at Slightly Mad Studios and a high level engineer from " a different sim" are mentioned.

The team is apparently working on a "full review and full refresh" of dirt oval racing in the game, with dynamic track surface, tyre model and car tuning tools all being worked on. Public release of these improvements could happen in March but the studio sets June as the more realistic expectation. Of course, those improvements should have some influence over the other types of dirt racing in the game. In a similar way, a dedicated team is apparently working on improvements for paved surface oval racing, although the changes shouldn't be as drastic on that side of things.

Rain is also being talked about and is regarded as a "massive project" requiring a tremendous amount of work, and the team is too shy about that to provide with a target release date so far.

The letter goes on into very technical details about tyre model simulation, before switching the focus to planned content - and there's a lot of it apparently. Currently under development tracks include Algarve, Aragon, Jerez, Misano, Pukekohe, and Lédenon. Zandvoort is also being updated, as the team scanned the track a week ago. Deals have also been signed with other "great international tracks", but these names are being kept secret for the moment being. The sim is also still working in collaboration with NASCAR, with a team being on their way to capture data from a dirt oval and a short paved oval in California.

The full development update statement is available on the next page.
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i am a member and i also have more than $800 in cars I cannot use offline unless i pay the monthly hostage fee..

Not a bother though, nowadays I just fire it up to see whats new after a release, hop in a car, wait for the inevitable passenger slide to happen, crack the sh!ts and ALT-F4 back out.

Lets hope the new devs that have joined the team now can fix this hot mess of a sim.
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Can't even remember correctly when i was last time offline... Must be around 2005-2006 :roflmao: Since i got internet I'm always online the moment i turn on my PC.
Pretty sure he meant 'unsubsribed'. That all acquired content is unavailable when you're not subscribed. But as long as ppl don't bother and praise this sim with mediocre physics and dated graphics 'premium' and 'the best' nothing is gonna change.
They lost me at dirt oval racing.

However nice to see so many tracks in development.
What will follow applies to every simulations out there.
Reading these update news, it always seems that the next rendition will be awesome, that the model will be incredible, etc...

And then , three months later, there will be another news promising an awesome model etc... (as if the previous one was not as awesome as we thought).

It is like Android apps being updated almost daily.

With every release being more and more polished, i am afraid they will become transparent !!!

After all, it is all about business.
We always think the last release is what we absolutely need
Im very pleased to hear about any improvements in tire physics in this sim!
There is alot I really like about this sim but there are still odd things going on with the tires, but up until the point of just over the limit they feel really good! Theres just this certain window beyond the limit where things just get a bit odd! I test this out by getting sideways, which of course is no good for racing but just purely to test out the tire physics I find it useful. Its hard to maintain a proper sideways moment, but not impossible!

I only came into iracing after the latest tire model and AFAIK things are alot better. There are still some cars in the sim on the older tire model and, well, they are just ridiculous! No wonder folks used to call it iceracing, but the new model seems a big improvement, but very happy to hear thers still work to progress those improvements!
For an example of what I mean skip to 7:10 in this video (please take the commentary with a pinch of salt, this video was originally intended as a bit of a joke). The problem is not just with the grip loss, but also the way it comes back, its snappier than a crocodiles bite, but like I said, not totally impossible, and like I said there's alot that I like about the tire model which feels pretty damn spot on up until a point, so im not slating it.
same way you do it in msfs and dcs etc.. but with those you can still use your purchases without paying ransomware fees.
I fail to see how it is "ransomware" when you were fully aware what you signed up to in the first place. Or weren't you? That would then not be on the company who sold you their service, wouldn't it? The deal is perfectly transparent as far as I can see, at least it was for me back in 2012.
back on topic: great list of tracks being developed, there. At this point there are so many road tracks, I'd rather they slowed down development of new ones and instead did a rescan of existing, older tracks.

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