dirt 4

  1. A

    Seat Ibiza Rx-supercar for Rally 1.0

    Make a backup of folder "cars" in Dirt 4. Copy file 20r to folder "cars". Select Peugeot 208 in R5. Note: co-driver doesn't apear. Enjoy
  2. AyrtJ97

    PSSG Editor problem

    Hi everyone! I'm having some problems with the Ego PSSG Editor lately, and I hope someone can help me (if it's possible): well, I've installed the latest version of the PSSG Editor. When I extract the file I want, it gives me a .TGA file. Everything right up to this point, but now is when I try...
  3. derick_pereira

    Hyundai WRC 2019 Sébastien Loeb 1.1

    Instructions Steamapps/common/DIRT 4/cars Open the i25.nefs file with the NefsEdit tool Select: cars/models/i25/Livery_00/textures_high Replace all 5 pssg files: i25_tex_gr_high_00.pssg i25_tex_high_00.pssg i25_tex_sn_high_00.pssg i25_tex_tm_high_00.pssg i25_tex_wt_high_00.pssg Save the i25.nefs...
  4. N

    Top Gear Rally N64 Lancia Delta Livery 2018-11-09

    I think Top Gear Rally for the N64 was my first rally game. I was blown away buy the graphics. I thought at the time, man this looks real. You could even paint your own decals on the cars. That was cool. Think I spent hours in the paint shop and now spent hours to reproduce the original paint...
  5. T

    Rbr Cars in dirt rally/4

    It is possible to do rbr cars in dirt rally/4?
  6. Leza Dreamizer

    Nicky Grist, Jen Horsey Co-Driver mod (DiRT4) for RBR

    hello. I have created a new Co-driver mod for RBR. DiRT 4 Co-Driver, Nicky Grist and Jen Horsey pacenotes. If you use pacenote plug-in, be sure to overwrite the 'rollbackfirst' file first. Otherwise, the number pacenote will not sound properly. and change the pacenote country to English in the...
  7. Frontloda

    files of S1 E2

    Hello, I try to port the Audi S1 E2 from Dirt 4 back to Dirt Rally, as this version features only the '84 without large wings and spoilers. But i don't own Dirt 4, so is anybody willing to send me the files of it? The folder is named aqe if i remember right. Best regards
  8. T

    Can we put DiRT RALLY or DiRT 4 cars into DiRT 3 ?

    Hi ! I want to know if it's possible to put DiRT RALLY or DiRT 4 cars into DiRT 3 ? I like the DiRT 3 Physic, and with the dirt rally or dirt 4 cars, it would be even better. Thanks :) PS: Sorry for my English, I'm French.
  9. T

    Can Someone Make The Gymkhana 9 Livery for DiRT4 ?

    Hi ! I tried to make the Ken Block "Gymkhana 9" Livery for the Ford Focus RS RX, but I can't do it well. Can You Help Me ? Thanks PS : Sorry for my English, I'm french. :)
  10. derick_pereira

    Hyundai i20 WRC 2018 - Portugal and Headlights UPDATE 1.6

    DIRT 4 Hyundai R5 DLC rally car Hyundai WRC 2018 drivers and co-drivers included #4 A.Mikkelsen and A.Jæger #5 T.Neuville and N.Gilsoul #6 D.Sordo and C.del Bario #6 H.Paddon and S.Marshall Instructions Steamapps/common/DIRT 4/cars Open the i25.nefs file with the NefsEdit tool Select...
  11. db-design

    Rally Updates Club events

    Would anyone like to race in the Rally Updates Christmas Rallysprint 2017? It is for fun and anyone is welcome! All information can be found here: https://updatesnetwork.wixsite.com/teamrallyupdates/christmas-rallysprint-2017 ~enjoy Biscuit
  12. Paul Jeffrey

    DiRT 4 Updated on all Platforms

    Codemasters have released a considerable update to DiRT 4 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.. now including significant Club improvements! The new build release has been a long time in the making for DiRT 4, thankfully Codemasters have finally deployed the new update into the wilds, with both...
  13. R

    Anybody want to start a Dirt4 league?

    On Xbox. The game seems as good or better than Rally on the console, but maybe not the PC. So, is there any interest in a Rally cross league? The physics of the RX component seems to have gotten even better, and you don't need to practice all that much.
  14. marthchyld

    Volkswagen Polo R conversion car from DiRT Rally 1.6

    Volkswagen Polo R WRC v1.6 - What's new in v1.6 - - Removed the weird stain from the dashboard. - Changed the dashboard material with suede, instead of plastic. - Improved damage expression. - Fixed the issue that Polo compromised other car's exhaust sound. - Fixed other minor issues. - Usage...
  15. marthchyld

    Citroen C4 Rally conversion vehicle from DiRT Rally 1.0

    This is a conversion vehicle from DiRT Rally. This car replaces Ford Focus RS Rally 2007. Back up the orinial 'for.nefs' onto the other place before applying this mod. Select Ford Focus RS Rally 2007 in the selecting vehicle menu, and choose green Castrol livery in the selecting livery menu.
  16. A

    Dirt 4 - Headlights brightness control 2017-09-19

    Brightness control of car lights in realtime * Work with steam license game version 1.063 * Work in Singleplayer and Multiplayer * No any risk of ban
  17. Paul Jeffrey

    Sim Discussion Monday - DiRT Series

    From the old Colin McRae series right the way through to the latest DiRT 4 release, we fancy a bit of a DiRTy discussion... The DiRT franchise of games has taken many forms over the years, crashing onto the scene back in 1998 with the epic Colin McRae Rally for PlayStation 1 and PC. Maximising...
  18. jajafrison

    Eric Camilli tour de corse 2017 WRC 2 skin 2017-08-13

    Eric Camilli tour de corse 2017 WRC 2 dirt 4 skin More cars,tracks and skins here: https://j4ja14.jimdo.com/
  19. jajafrison

    Sebastien Loeb Rallye Manosque 2017 skin 2017-08-08

    Dirt 4 Sebastien Loeb 306 maxi kit car Rallye Manosque 2017 skin More cars,tracks and skins here: https://j4ja14.jimdo.com/
  20. A

    Dirt 4 ACAT 2.1

    Codemasters get this ACAT for looking how it work, and after checking they change game system for car class select, now old way for ACAT not work. Now if host set sme not original car class, game will be kick him from session (not ban). But there is one more way to create ACAT mod, some later i...