PSSG Editor problem


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Nov 24, 2016
Hi everyone!
I'm having some problems with the Ego PSSG Editor lately, and I hope someone can help me (if it's possible): well, I've installed the latest version of the PSSG Editor. When I extract the file I want, it gives me a .TGA file. Everything right up to this point, but now is when I try to open it on Photoshop, and everything I see is a completely black square (on 2K at least :roflmao:).
Well, as of December, before I updated my PC, it was working just right and I could see the file on Photoshop without problems, and it is weird because any other PNG, PSD, DDS... Whatever files I open on Photoshop (as long as I don't get them via the Ego PSSG Editor) are showed just the right way.
Any hints on what the problem could be? It is giving me a hard time with the new DiRT 4/Rally 2.0 cars.
Hope I managed to explain my problem right.
PS: If this is not the right place to post this, please admins, feel free to close or move this.


Mar 24, 2019
I too faced the same problem once and was unable to find the solution. But updating my Ego PSSG Editor to previous version, i was able to use it again and it fixed my problem. So try to install the previous version again. May be it will fix your problem too.