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  1. J

    What Board to use on a DIY wheel and Fanatec Podium Hub?

    I am in the process of building a DIY wheel that I would like to be able to attach to a DD1 base via a Podium hub. As far as the physical wheel I have it all planned out as to how it will attach to the hub. What I am a bit lost on is what board/boards I will need to enable the buttons and...
  2. G

    Sell [US] Entire rig: NLR F-GT, Fanatec DD1/Formula F1 2019 rim/CSP V3, Gametrix JetSeat KW-908

    Sorry, everything's sold.
  3. Philmm

    Fanatec - an absolute nightmare

    The absolute worst customer service in the world!! Horrible. I had an issue with FANATEC's Podium Racing Wheel F1 with DD1 from the first day I got it, instead of taking ownership of their defective product and replacing it (which every other company in the world would do), I got the run around...