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  1. S

    2015 TUSCC - Starworks #7 - Corvette DP 1

    As the release of the GTD/GTA 991 gets closer, i decided to dive into some 2015 liveries to have it race with! Here we have the Starworks Motorsports Riley BMW DP, ported onto the IER Corvette DP, Coyote Chassis! Previews
  2. Thescarfhusky

    Daytona USA 2 skin pack for Vantage 2018 0.9

    Special Thanks to JohnK222 on DeviantArt for giving me permission to use his vector art for the skin! "WATCH THAT REDLINE ON THE TACH!" I was inspired by one of my favorite arcade games: Daytona USA 2! So quick question... why on a Vantage 2018 and not on a stock car? I just got The Rollovers...
  3. NikoMoraes

    JUNCOS RACING IMSA #50 2019 Oreca 07 1.0

    como siempre lo hago para mi y comparto, el que quiera mejorarlo que lo haga.
  4. A

    IMSA 2019 Rolex 24h - Roar Before The 24 - Chip Ganassi #66 #67 0.51

    Both Ford GT liveries that ran the Roar Before the 24, before changing liveries to the Daytona 24h vintage liveries. special thanks to sirknight224 for allowing me use of his skins as a template. REQUIRES URD DETROIT EGT v1.5 Note: These skins have the side LED lights removed, as the...
  5. S

    Rolex 24H 2019 - Starworks Motorsports #8 Audi R8 LMS 0.8

    Skin based on the render seen on twitter of the #8 machine raced by Starworks Motorsports Preview:
  6. S

    Rolex 24H 2019 - Chip Ganassi Team (Detroit EGT) 1.0

    Both liveries that Chip Ganassi will run at the Rolex 24H. Skins are now based on the few live pictures we got from Daytona
  7. rvieira

    Havoline Porsche - Daytona 1990 2018-11-11

    Another car from Daytona 1990, this time the 3rd place driven by Bob Woleck, Sarel van der Merwe and Dominic Dobson. This skins is based on Khunos 962 short tail!, and just unzip the file inside cars folder!
  8. rvieira

    TWR - Castrol Jaguar - Daytona1990 2018-11-06

    Despite the actual model was XJR12, with a different front wing compared to XJR-9, we present the Castrol Jaguar from Tom Walkinshaw Racing - TWR cars that ran at 1990 Dayton 24 Hours. The winner, #61 driven by Jones / Lammers / Wallace, and the 2nd place, #60 Cobb / Nielsen / Brundle. The base...
  9. AceSeptre

    Corvette Daytona Prototype Moroso "retro" fantasy livery. 2018-07-17

    Moroso "retro" fantasy livery for the Corvette Daytona Prototype. Loosely based on the Group 5 #76 Mancuso Chevrolet run by Greenwood Racing in the late 1970s. This fantasy livery follows a similar paint scheme as the Mancuso but a bit more modernized and with modern sponsorship. Installation...
  10. AceSeptre

    Corvette Daytona Prototype "Velocity Worldwide" Skin 2018-07-13

    Velocity Worldwide Skin for Corvette Daytona Prototype. This livery has gone through several iterations over time on the actual car so this recreation is sort of a mix the various different versions. It's not 100% accurate by any means, but it's quite close given the differences between the...
  11. AbeWoz

    #48 Paul Miller Racing Lamborghini - 24H Daytona 2018 2018-05-17

    #48 Paul Miller Racing Lamborghini - 24H Daytona 2018 Once again thanks to Velvet Torpedo on finding some logos, seems to be a recurring theme :) And once again couldn't make the chrome 'chrome' yet, so gray is substituting. Also, I couldn't put the VP Fuels logo on the side of the diffuser...
  12. AbeWoz

    P1 Motorsports AMG GT3 - Daytona 24 v1.0

    P1 Motorsports AMG GT3 - Daytona 24 Can't do chrome in PC2 yet without digging into the bootfiles, so it's just regular grey for now. Special thanks to VelvetTorpedo for some help with a few logos.
  13. cartapaquete

    Porsche 911 RSR - IMSA 2018 - #93 & #94 LeMans UPDATE - 4K Works Team Skins 2.0

    My second skin release, 4K skin of Porsche's works team at the 2018 IMSA Weathertech Championship. It includes ac_crew pit textures. Version 2.0 contains skins from : - Round 1 - Rolex Daytona 24H - updated with correct map files and diffuser green stripe - 24h of Le Mans - #93 & #94 911 RSR...
  14. bendack

    Audi R8 GTD #29 Land-Motorsport IMSA 2018 Daytona Version 2018-02-16

    Hi all, sorry for my bad english, i'm french. This is my 1st DL. It's the skin of the Audi R8 Land motorsport, Daytona 2018 Version. You can see my FB Réplic'Art. https://www.facebook.com/R%C3%A9plicArt-350522715086488/?ref=bookmarks See you ;)
  15. Paul Jeffrey

    Daytona 24 Hour Discussion Thread

    Watching the Rolex 24 and want somewhere to chat? Get yourself involved in the comments then! Exactly what is says on the tin, please feel free to use the comments section to dicuss the Rolex 24 Hour of Daytona... Happy racing folks! Full Rolex Daytona 24 Hour Qualification Results: HERE...
  16. Baron3105

    Ferrari 488 GT3 Risi Competizione Rolex Daytona 24h 2018 #62 #82 Final

    Heyy, today i' ve done for you skin for Ferrari 488 GT3 from Rolex Daytona 2018 if you found any mistakes let me know ;) My biggest thanks to: To my friends which help me with sponsors Skin done in 2K, 4K and 8K #62 #82 If you want, add me on steam ;) http://steamcommunity.com/id/Par4l47/...
  17. Andy-R

    2 Daytona 24 Hours Ford GT40 Skins 1.0

    Installation: Choose between the dirty or clean skins. Open the clean or dirty folder and then extract to your AC main folder. There are also some optional extra skins from various GT40's, if you wish to use them open the optional extra skins folder and extract to your AC main folder...
  18. Paul Jeffrey

    Rolex 24: Van der Zande on Pole, Alonso 13th

    A thrilling qualifying session at Daytona ends with last gasp pole position for defending race champions Wayne Taylor Racing. An incredible 50 car field of some of the top international endurance racing talent took to the legendary Daytona Road Course earlier today to take part in the all...