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das uberwhip

  1. Decinoge

    das uberwhip F7200 AG-Systems 1.2

    das uberwhip Wipeout 3 AG-Systems inspired livery. The archive contains 2 coloring alternatives, each with 3 different file sizes, and each size with 3 different livery variants. The coloring alternatives are concept and ingame, with folders named so. Each folder contains 3 different sizes...
  2. Decinoge

    AutoPerson Livery for das uberwhip final

    Last update fixed the UV layer for the das uberwhip car in art of rally. Marcness1313 previously mentioned the show, and the fit felt almost perfect with the car in my mind. Decided to go gender neutral on the car livery and... poof. This was just an experiment but looked nice enough to make a...