Generic Dirt for Callaway GT3 2017-11-07

Transparent PNG with the Dirt layer that I created for my skins

  1. François Strat
    Hi modders (skinners) \o/

    If you like my previous skins for the Callaway GT3, I bring you the Dirt layer that I created to make the car looks like it just ended a 24H race :D

    How to use it

    - Open the PNG in your image editing software, then you'll find on the top left corner a mark (flashy green corner), that will help you for the position.
    Just stick the green mark on the top left corner ^_^

    - Put the layer just under the Albedo one, so you can cover the little carbon car parts !

    - Then select all the non transparent parts of the layer (in PS, ctrl+click on layer image), then go to your Alpha channel with that selection and fill it with pure black.
    This will avoid reflexions on dirt (it kills the effect)

    - Enjoy skinning \o/

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