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CM and Steam VR/Valve Index not working.

Has Content Manager stopped working in Index for anyone else with the recent Steam VR update?

Went on a three week hiatus to come back and find it not working. VR DOES work:
1. In Benchmark mode in CM
2. In Assetto Corsa stock program
3. Other games (example, ACC)

But no matter what I do, even though I have 'Open VR' in video settings, once I start a race, it ALWAYS goes to my monitor. A new issue - never had it before.

Anyone else having the same issue? Any suggestions?
The oposite - update do Steam VR Beta since those supports OpenXD with OpenVR - which is new "default" Steam VR output in Assetto Corsa. STEAMVR -> SETTINGS->PROGRAMING -> Setup OpenXR as default

Or, look if you have mess up something in "Specific presets for specific modes"
I can't find any tab called 'Programming' after Settings in Steam VR.

EDIT: The plot continues to thicken! This time I found that CSP 1.74 works just fine with career races (challenges still doesn't load in VR). CSP 1.75 actually crashes the race in VR for career mode ("Race cancelled")

I've done the usual things like reinstall CM/CSP even removed Sol (the only mod I have) - no luck.
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Under my Developer settings, it doesn't give me the option of setting up OpenXR as default. There is a dialog box saying "Current OpenXR Runtime: Steam VR". But that's it. That was there before the Beta update.

Also, discovered that some races in 'career' DO work with CSP 1.75. Other races don't. And Challenges/custom races still don't load in VR. Odd.

EDIT: I'm starting to suspect this is a car/track issue. Some combination of cars and tracks work in VR/either load on screen only/or crash entirely.

EDIT #2: Only seems to load in VR with practice mode. Hotlap mode loads on the monitor screen. Very weird.
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