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Setup Comparer for Automobilista

Setup Comparer for Automobilista

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Setup Comparer is a small application that can display two setups side by side for comparison.

Setup Comparer is an .HTA file. That's a Microsoft HTML file standard. It opens in an Explorer windows under Microsoft HTML Application host. Since it does not write anything anywhere, it does not need any permissions, it's a harmless application. There is no executable file, it can only read the setup file you point it to.

Setup Comparer does not have the capability to edit the setup files, it's only capable of opening two setups and display them all neatly formatted, in Metric or Imperial units.

As opposed to starting Steam, then starting the sim just to check some settings. It's a lot quicker with Setup Comparer.


Latest updates

  1. Tuesday March 17, 2020 update - v. Add bookmark Today at 17:32 Just a few cod

    Just a few code clean up and how I felt at the time about the header display.

Latest reviews

great mod
very useful
Good job. Thanks.
From Spain, Gigatron.
Simple and effective!
Good job
Thank You.
But, as stipulated in the ReadMe, Setup Comparer was originally coded by Lester Teschner. Any accolades goes to him. I'm just maintaining it, updating it so it stays relevant.
Lester Teschner hasen't shown any signs of life since the day I fixed it for the first time in 2014.
I consider Setup Comparer to be abandonware.
Thanks again Meuz, much appreciated.
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